Bad customer service? Here's how the Belgians take revenge

We're not sure which of the two facts is more surprising; that Belgium appears to be the bleakest place on Earth, or that the Belgians have a sense of humour.

Belgium has to put up with a mobile service provider called Mobistar, legendary amongst customers for its shitty customer service. Despite years of complaints, little-to-no improvements have been made.

A comedy show called Basta decided to take revenge. A steel container was delivered early one morning to block the gates of the Mobistar car park; when Mobistar employees called the customer services number on the outside of the container, the performers were inside to take their calls, perform on-hold music and generally tit about.

We'd pay Basta to do something similar to 3 on behalf of our readers, but return flights to India are quite costly at this time of year.


  • iphone u.
    lol noice
  • The B.
    Nice, a bit unfair to take it out security though, it would've been better to have stuck it over the driveway of the CEO.
  • Nob
    Would have been better to do it at 4.55pm.

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