Back to school price war is imminent!

school kids Children are expensive. They grow out of everything and break stuff and need constant food and all-manner of nonsense. They're a drain, but they are - if Whitney is to be believed - our future. So obviously, we need to teach them well and let them lead the way.

With that, they're going to need some new school uniform and supplies, or else they're doomed and destined to failure, ringing up talk-radio in the day for a moan, instead of listening in class.

While Bitterwallet can't do anything about your child's attention span or the quality of their schooling, we can alert you to the fact that there's going to be a Back to School price war on, where all the supermarkets will be vying for your attention with cheap gear.

Sainsbury's are going to apply their 'brand match' promise on loads of things online, while Tesco is getting ready for another knock-down in prices across the board, after they reviewed their strategies.

There's going to be discounts on school stationery, blouses and uniforms, and even food items such as burgers, which is good news for all.

The deals are already coming in on HUKD, in the school section and the school uniform section. Things will be hotting up over there as the supermarkets get more deals on the go, so keep an eye out.

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