Awwww, a ickle computer just for the ickle kiddies. The really rich ones.

young_explorer Little Tikes, those makers of fine kids’ toys seem to have noted the ‘style over substance’ criticism that is normally aimed at Apple and then gone hog wild with it with the launch of their Young Explorer workstation.

It’s a PC for the little ‘uns, encased in some tough, brightly-coloured plastic and seems perfect for teaching the pre-school mob how computers work and getting them used to it all for when they grow up and get a job in a call centre.

As for the specs – well, it runs Windows and there’s a 19 inch LCD monitor, a 160GB hard drive and 1GB of memory. About the same as the average laptop then. Which all makes sense when you see the price tag of… TWO AND A HALF THOUSAND DOLLARS!

Yes, that’s right. $2,599.99 to be exact. About £1,700. Bitterwallet says… think twice before making this purchase.

[Oh Gizmo!]


  • Chris
    The living room pictured should give you an idea... Look at the size of it!
  • Big A.
    Plastic coated, pretty device are you sure it doesn't run OSX? Does remind me a little of an iMac circa 2000
  • TeggyEgg
    thats not the living room......thats the kids playroom!
  • Zeddy
    He met the guy behind him on a Tweenies chatroom.
  • hippy
    just what the world needs, a place for kids to sit n get fat instead of outside playing chap door run away n spray painting cats.
  • PennyPincher
    No substance, not sure I rate the 'style' either...
  • Mac P.

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