Aviva employees shared 'tens of thousands' of motorists' details with claims firms

CarCrashHad an accident? Want someone to pay you compensation? Better call a no-win-no-fee firm.

If you have had a car accident in the past few years, and received a personal injury like whiplash, chances are you probably haven’t had to call one of these firms, as often they miraculously conjure your number from thin air. Anyone who has been in this position probably believed that it was your naughty old insurer passing on your details (a practice that has now been stopped) but it seems there may be foul play afoot.

One of the country’s largest insurers, Aviva, has recently announced a ‘data security breach’ and is pursuing criminal charges against two employees for selling customer data to claims companies. They are writing to customers they think may have been affected, but assuring them that no medical or financial details had been stolen. Although it is difficult to see how Aviva can be sure of this when they apparently do not know the exact scale of the theft or when the data started being sold, which is the subject of a police investigation. They estimate tens of thousands of motorists have been affected.

Aviva have now released a statement confirming that they were looking at what they need to do to prevent this happening again, the overall gist of the statement that it is all the fault of the nasty old claims companies leading their employees astray, rather than any need on their part to protect customers’ data. The statement to BBC’s Moneybox said "We are of course sorry for the inconvenience this has caused... This was illegal activity. We identified it and immediately reported it to the police and the relevant financial authorities, and we are contacting affected customers."

"It is sadly the case that financial services are being targeted by unscrupulous claims management companies, who are very keen to acquire customer contact details so they can encourage compensation claims - for which they expect a percentage of any damages."

"Aviva has long called for stricter regulation of these firms and prosecution for any unlawful activity."

City of London Police says two men have been arrested and released on bail on suspicion of fraud by abuse of position.

So have you been hounded by random callers after an accident? Both Aviva customers and people involved in car accidents where the other party was insured by Aviva could be affected. Let us know if you’ve had an accident that has nothing to do with Aviva, and still received multiple calls, or vice versa.


  • Dick
    The police should sell the names of the Aviva staff so that people can go round and "discuss it" with them.
  • Dole L.
    Could someone who's been affected please post the Aviva number that they've put on their letters? I believe I have been affected but currently don't have a letter.
  • D.B.
    I have had a letter today saying my details were given out & the person responsible had been fired! I had to change my phone number due to endless nuisance calls & the worry & distress this has caused me to consider changing insurance companies. Not happy!
  • G
    The number is 0800 0512843 Monday - Friday 9-5. I also have been affected, and am glad of the opportunity to share this number ;)
  • Paul W.
    As the people who acted illegally were employed by Aviva and given access to the data by Aviva, does this make Aviva liable due to a breach of the Data Protection act? I've asked them for compensation and requested the name of the people who sold the data so I can bring a civil case against them. I've asked for a subject data access form so I can see everything they hold on their files. They are bound by the act to provide everything within 40 days. This has happened to hundreds if not thousands of people, if complaints become collective they will carry more weight with either Aviva, the ombudsman or the Information Commissioners Office. I'll keep posting of all correspondence, hope others do too, to offer advice and information to others who are trying to complain about this illegal practice.
  • Matt
    Agree with you Paul I have been trying to research this as I got bombared with calls as well. In my eyes they tried to write the letter so that they were not at fault or not accepting liability which is shocking. I agree there needs to be a way to collectively group all complaints to carry more weight. Says it all that they set up a dedicated call room just for those who received the letters!
  • G
    My understanding Solus the repair garage owned by Aviva also may have had something to do with this also, so didn't matter if you were fault or non fault insured with them or not if your details went to Solus it may have affected you.
  • Paul W.
    Had a response from the Executive office today. They are not prepared to offer the name of the Aviva Employee who acted illegally but the positive for all concerned is this part of the response. "You've asked for us to pay compensation. As mentioned in Patricia's letter we would be happy to consider this." Seems like a bit of common sense creeping in, I'd recommend anyone who suffered any stress because of this to contact the executive office. [email protected] Chris Kennard 07800690692 is the really helpful manager that helped to get things moving for me. I'll keep posting on how things are going.
  • Paul W.
    There is a thread on the Money Saving Expert site, on this matter. Any one affected might want to post. http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=4904106
  • Nelly
    Paul. Cool input mate! I agree and know where you are coming from. This IS their fault. We will get many more non-sense call out of this debarcle, and each phone conversation is my precious time wasted...and I charge for my time! Thanks Aviva! Settle now before I run up a tab for you!
  • JLI
    I've started receiving pay day loan letters addressed to myself at home address, has anyone else started receiving these, Called Aviva today and said they've not heard of anyone receving these and must be me signing up to something. I don't think so. E-mails and txt are enough but to start being pestered through the post is beyond the pale.
  • Fiona
    We were getting over 60 calls per week earlier in the year. This died off but in the last few weeks has got much worse again. I called Aviva today asking for an update, but agent said no info other than police investigating. I asked what steps Aviva had taken to prevent this happening again and was told that they acted firmly by involving the police so any staff member would be silly to do it. I asked again if measures such as blocking downloads of info onto memory sticks or blocking printing had been done and was told "no", and that the data that was stolen was not important information! I'm sorry, but my home, mobile and husband's mobile #s are important to me! The agent suggested I just change tel#. I'm raging. Has anyone had success with compensation? These calls have taken up way too much of my time over the past year.

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