Attention old people - the Sega Mega Drive is back!

Are you a former gamer who is befuddled and bewildered by the modern-day console games? We know, we know, they all seem so fast and confusing don’t they? You probably hanker back to your old Sega Mega Drive and wonder why time, technology and your hairline couldn’t have just stood still back in 1993.

Well cheer up Grandad, because there’s a new (old) gizmo that will put a smile on your wrinkled old scrotum of a face. It’s a twin player Mega Drive console with 15 pre-loaded games stuffed into its guts, and all for just £39.95.

It comes with two six-button controllers and what’s more, there’s even a slot that will accept your old Mega Drive and Genesis cartridges from way back in the day. Assuming you hung on to them. If not, it’s off to the nearest car boot sale for you, armed with a sack filled with pennies.

You sad, sad old sod.

[Firebox via Pocket Lint]


  • Nigel
    Does it take the 32X/SEGA CD add-ons? :)
  • MikeBeaver
    @ Nigel: Why oh why would you want it to? they were shite add-on's, probably half the reason Sega went to publishing software only in the first place :p Mike..
  • Tim
    Maybe you'd want to Play Darxide for the 32x mike... lol. Its a fucking rip-off though for shit hardware and crappy emulation software. Anybody who I see buy one of these I would have them shot. Buy the proper SEGA Official console off ebay for £10 or buy one from a car boot even rather than some crappy mini computer with shit emulation software. SEGA rules, blaze sucks. (No seriously, datel are much better than blaze lol!) Tim
  • Bum P.
    Should have posted when this was new news.
  • johnny
    Attention old people - You'll probably remember this news the first time around from when you were a kid
  • Andy D.
    Bum Punisher & Johnny (sounds like a gay road movie) - maybe you're both getting confused with one of these - The 15-game version we've reported is new to the UK this week.
  • SB
    It isnt new to the UK this week.. It turned up in GAME last week.. and its been available online for a fair while.
  • SB
    Still its good to see someone reporting on it :) Oh and emulation or not this thing is pretty nifty and a fair bit smaller than the real thing.. The pads do suck though and arent as good as the real deal.. thinking about it ive not tried a real pad in mine yet.. they may well work!
  • MinstrelMan
    if you are befuddled and bewildered by the modern-day console games then just stick this disc in it: its got 25 more games and £20 quid less. PM all your friends and vote it hot!
  • oliverreed
    Just wake up, these games seem great in your old minds, when you boot one up you'll realise that you should stick with the here and now. As if you have enough time to play all the new good games let alone retro cash-ins.
  • Schexy S.
    I downloaded a MegaDrive emulator for free for my Mac (legally). It works fine. Did I mention it's FREE?
  • gerant c.
    nice but howmnay egadrive collections do we really need ? sega should remake the dreamcast that woulld be way better

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