Elevator company stumbles into Nazi blunder

So you're a well established and award-winning manufacturer of commercial and residential elevators and escalators. Your company name is Schindler UK. What address should you choose for your website?

There's got to be some memorable website name for a company called Schindler that builds lifts, but you wouldn't want to go for the eye-bleedingly obvious option, for fear of causing offense or making the lives of two-bit satirical consumer sites like this far too easy, right? Nope, that's exactly what you do:

There's a sequel in there somewhere - perhaps the untold story of how Oskar Schindler saved thousands of Jews by installing an Inclined Moving Walk Schindler 9500-10. It's all yours, Spielberg. Just film it in colour this time, will you? The black and white stuff was a little depressing, to be honest with you.


  • Deech
    Our ships have Schindler Lifts fitted, it always raises a comment or 3 when we get new personnel!! I am suprised it's taken so long for this to be noticed.....:-)
  • Adam
    Yeh, this is rather old news. Remember joking about this when I was in school, many many moon ago.
  • Amanda H.
    You mean yesterday Adam?
  • Dave S.
    He measn this morning Amanda, he only does half days, then it's home for a nap.
  • Mickey
  • Smiff
    i don't get it.. do you mean 'Lifts' sounds a bit like 'Lists', if you don't talk properly? is that the joke? oh dear.. somewhere in their catalogue they probably have a list of lifts.. there could be a joke in there somewhere too..
  • Mike B.
    The orignal book is called shindlers ark
  • Dave S.
    Schindler produce lightweight lifts called the Hollow Caused range.
  • Bob
    Political correctness gone mad. Who gives a toss.
  • ssme
    sloooooooooow news day. it would have been vaguely interesting if the website had been "schindlerslift". but it isn't.
  • Song B.
    Bloody yanks and their 'elevators', whats the joke here, Schindler's Elevator?
  • Song B.
    Here's something a tiny bit better than this article, the first line on the website, "Schindler has executed some of the most...." Finish the sentence as you wish
  • Geoff J.
    This is pure comedy gold.
  • Paddy
    The lift in the Duomo Cathedral in Milan is a Schindlers Lift. I did take a picture of it but I couldn't be arsed putting it online as Schindlers Lifts isn't that amusing. Unlike 'Gordon Brown is a cunt', which is.
  • The B.
    Deech, if your ships have them fitted and then the boat leans slightly do they become Schindlers lifts list? If you had to catalogue it, would it be Schindlers lifts list list?
  • GJD
    Yep, and competitor Otis is based in Reading.
  • Tickled
    brilliant Paddy, you're comment made me do the stupid 'laugh in the quite office' now everyone knows I'm not working!
  • David J.
    I work for Otis, and we are actually based in Chiswick. Sorry to burst your bubble ;)
  • David J.
    Oh and you are all a bunch of twats
  • Gareth B.
    I was working at a gas works once that had a schindlers lift.
  • Rob
    The biggest challenge is the sheer weight of the installations so now they are introducing a range of lightweight plastic machines for transporting people. I just can't remember what it was called...

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