At last*! The official** Bitterwallet portable home***!

Since the fiery birth of Bitterwallet, since this blog was forged in blood and fury some 18 months ago, our inbox has been inundated with photographs of feral trolleys, and with requests for some sort of trolley-related paraphernalia.

But what, we thought, could we give our avid readers to satisfy their wire-framed, four-wheeled thirst? We asked renowned artist Kevin Cyr**** to design a product that was practical, innovative but frugal, and here is the result:

Bitterwallet - behold, the home in a trolley!

The original is on display at La Maison Folie de Wazemmes in Lille, France until June, but you can buy your very own now, by sending your bank account details to Bitterwallet today! Christ knows how you get in through the front door, mind.

*nobody was waiting for it really
** not official
*** nothing to do with us
**** he has no idea who we are

[Design Boom] thanks to avid Bitterwallet reader Daniel


  • Chris
    In before the anti-BW trolls. Go super trolley!
  • Amanda H.
    Can't see a demand for it, unless Thatchers puppet takes over. Hmmm, I'll buy 10, one for me, and 9 for each fecking recycling bin.
  • Paddy
  • Jack
    HAha awesome, I also love the mobile home - bike too
  • jamie
    21 months ago I've been here all the way! haven't really I'm not that sad, i just looked at your archives and read there is 21 months of stuff so i guessed that's how long it's been around :D
  • -]
    Didn't thatchers puppet take over in the 90s? We finally got rid of that bliar cunt, don't tell me he's coming back!?

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