At last! Sac-sag salvation with the Salli stool!

“Vessels are very pressure-sensitive and the smallest pressure closes them also in the pelvic in sitting.”

It’s pretty tough to look away from an educational video that begins with those words and this one is no exception – especially as it’s for a stool that has been designed specifically to take extra care of your genitals.

The name of the stool is the Salli two-part saddle seat and the unnamed narrator explains here in great detail how your crown jewels will feel the benefit if you let them hang between the gap in your Salli.

He seems to be so into the whole concept that you almost expect him to start groaning under his breath when the groinal close-ups appear on the screen. Nnnggggg…

All over Britain’s kitchens, v-shapes are about to be sawn out of the front of ordinary stools as curious men try to build themselves a home made Salli. As the film says, wear loose-fitting trousers and no underwear. So modern. So sexual. Nnnggggg…



  • Junkyard
    "You can use a lot of power on Sally." Cheers. Don't mind if I do.
  • zeddy
    Homer says: Mmmmm! Pressed testicles!
  • Tom P.
    Get castrated, then you don't need this new fangled stool.
  • Bullet
    Some Sackable offences there.
  • Myke H.
    This looks the nuts
  • Dave
    You can clearly see he's nuts.
  • I m.
    Kind of looks too much like a claw hammer for my liking...

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