At last! It's Bitterwallet's top 10 posts of 2010

If we were Channel 5, we'd string out the following content over two hours and throw in a load of pointless shitfaces to comment on it regardless of whether they had a view or not - so cast members of The Bill, Strictly Come Dancing judges, Paul Tonkinson etc.

Yes, it's that time of year when we plunder Google Analytics and see which of this year's posts were the most popular amongst avid readers like you.

So grab the tissues and tell your friends - without further ado, here are Bitterwallet's top 10 posts of 2010:

10. More Facebook FAIL – never squeal about your brother’s beer
On numerous occasions, we've been reminded why social media is our enemy. Your tenth most popular post of the year sees a brother take revenge on his sister  - by publishing her shaglist on Facebook.

9. How to cancel your Vodafone contract – details and templates
They proved to be this year's mustache-swirling villains, when you declared Vodafone the Worst Company in Britain 2010. When Vodafone tried to screw customers by turning a flexible Fair Usage Policy into a hard limit on data caps, hundreds of you sounded off. Vodafone contradicted themselves at every turn, and Bitterwallet put up the tools to help you fight.

8. We’re calling time on – cancel your cards ASAP
That a two day-old post is the eighth most popular of the year is a bit of an eye-opener. We've been digging around this scam for the past fortnight and uncovered a long, long list of reasons why should be avoided at all costs. This won't be the last you hear of this story - aside from informing the authorities, in the past day we've uncovered a link between several other retail operations, and last year's Focus Clothing scam.

7. What does the IP in ‘IP address’ stand for? Ask Stephen Timms
At the height of the Digital Economy Bill debacle, the Minister for Digital Britain showed how much he knew about technology in a letter sent to a fellow MP. The answer? Exactly fuck all.

6. How-to and template for making an iPhone/iPad microsim from normal sim
Bought an iPad or iPhone4 and wanted to use your old SIM card? Tough tits. This year's wonder-gadgets from Steve Jobs required the new microsim card. Good job somebody found out how to convert one to the other.

5. Train delays and cancellations – your complete guide to refunds and compensation
The country ground to a halt in January's winter condition, and our guide to claiming compensation from the train companies became invaluable. Eleven months later and it happened all over again, so we updated and revised the guide. Hurrah!

4. Selfridges declare Christmas open in two weeks time
Selfridges were deemed headline-grabbing money whores in August when they announced the start of Christmas. Can you even remember August? Nor can we. That's how long ago it was, and that's how twattish Selfridges proved themselves to be.

3. PC World and Currys can’t offer credit to customers – statement
In April we were tipped off about irregular goings-on at DSGi (now Dixons Retail Plc) when all credit facilities disappeared from shops and online operations. The reasons were many and varied (the rumours were very interesting) - regardless, the press office spun the story round like a two-bit hooker at a footballer's stag party.

2. Lazy hacks and the case of the Wanky Balls festival
This is what happens when a journalist from a national newspaper doesn't bother researching a story and instead cuts and pastes the facts from Wikipedia.

1. Cheryl Cole’s pants not on fire over L’Oreal hair ads
We can only assume that the sight of Cheryl Cole's cans is the reasons that you, the avid Bitterwallet reader, made this our most popular story from 2010. Every time the lovable Geordie appeared in the papers, a glut of surburban husbands typed "Cheryl Cole's pants" into Google to see what they found. Props!

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  • John I.
    The Vodafone story really should be number one - it, and the template letters you provided, knocked 18 months off my contract and saved me at least £630. Ta very much for that, chaps. Happy new year, and all that bollocks.

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