Asus EEE 901 + 3G Broadband for £25/month from Orange

Everyone loves the Asus EEE.  It's so tiny, so cute, so feisty, so "rock solid and heart touching".  A female friend has once gone as far as analogizing it to a mini vibrator. just as a vibrator would probably be rather useless without the vibrations... a netbook would be somewhat pointless without the internet.

This is where Orange steps in for the rescue, offering the Intel Atom Processor based netbook with a 16GB solid state drive for £25 a month, with in built 3G, when the new Eee 901 PC will be released on the market in either black or pink later this month, and

Of course, there's always a catch with those people. On this occasion, it is in the form of a 24 month contract.  It may not seem long, but that translates to roughly £600 over 2 years.

Sure, it comes with a 3GB monthly mobile broadband usage, and an allowance of 100 texts per month, but is it worth it? Francois Mahieu, Director of Devices, Orange UK said:

"By introducing the Eee PC 901 with integrated connectivity, we’re now making it even easier for customers to purchase a flexible solution that allows them to access the internet when they are out and about. As a result, we strongly believe this will be one of the most popular device offers in the market place this Christmas.”

If you wish to go with a package, do compare with other products on the market.  Vodafone has the Dell Mini 9 netbooks with embedded 3G SIMs. Orange's 3GB data cap is however more appealing to the Vodafone 1GB cap, and considering that the average price of 3GB worth of data is around £5-£10 a month,  the extra may be worth a consideration if you're on the hunt for a new laptop.

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