ASUS Announces 'World's Fastest Business Smartphone' mobile phone from ASUS is probably the last thing we are expecting, but ASUS never seizes to surprise.  A pioneer in the netbook arena, the computer manufacturer has gone further mobile announcing the release of the P565 model smartphone. They have even gone as far as to claiming it is the world's current fastest "business" smartphone.   ASUS, that's for us to decide, mate!

Here's a bit more on the low down of the technology: The 800MHz Marvell processor is supposedly faster than the iPhone and HTC Touch.  It also uses a technology called 'Glide', the ASUS exclusive 3D touch-responsive user interface (something I must have have missed on their EEE netbooks).

The P565 also comes with tools like business card recognition software built in to the camera feature.  You know you'll never use it, but if you're looking for 'heavy multitasking, superior graphics performance, and a professional look with a leather lined battery door', ASUS asks you to consider ditching your Android, Blackberry or iPhone.  Who wouldn't, for this closet geek's super-PDA-mobile  to be?

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