I come in peace

http://img30.imageshack.us/img30/9020/vinceavatar.pngVince Wong is an associate editor on BW. That means he has "equal or nearly equal status" to the rest of the team on Thursdays, when he feeds Paul and Andy goat's cheese.

Once a 100+ work week workaholic,  he now stands as a specimen of sheer masculinity and chiseled good looks. As proof, his IMDB profile illustrates a few modest Hollywood movies he has starred in including but not limited to Batman Begins, Die Another Day, and Kiss of the Dragon. He was recently turned down for the role of an asian tourist in the Da Vinci Code.

When he's not writing his own biographies in the third person, he can be found sharing why everything he likes is great. If you disagree, you are utterly wrong.

Vince also drinks alot of Tropicana orange juice, and likes free upgrades in any capacity, and has unbound time and energy to piss off credit card companies and spammers by resending them rubbish in their own prepaid envelopes.

Oh, he also draws and plays the piano better than your children.


  • Leonora C.
    grrr, i want to play my farmville!! what's up with all of these issues??
  • Vincent B.
    Ernest Hemingway~ Theres absolutely nothing noble in being superior to your fellow males. Accurate the aristocracy is being superior for your former self.

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