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ask_fm-logo-200x200 The company that owns Tinder have bought

No, really!

IAC, who own, Tinder and Vimeo already, said that the acquisition will allow to tap into's mobile-focused social platform, which is an area they're quite keen to get into.

Quite handy that they're both named Ask isn't it?, if you recall, is that jolly site where teens can message vile threats and the like, and score points if their target actually does jump off a bridge or drinks bleach. generates an estimated 20,000 questions per minute with approximately 45 percent of its mobile monthly active users logging in daily, with the mobile app having been downloaded more than 40 million times.

Doug Leeds, the chief executive of, is having a say: " has seen phenomenal usage and engagement because of its compelling take on social expression: describing yourself through the lens of what others want to know about you,"

"Now under leadership, the plan for unlocking its true potential will focus on making the experience even more engaging, while significantly increasing the investment in safety."

IAC has changed the leadership of already, which is telling. The founders will have no say in the future operations of the company.

They are also keen to invest in new ways of helping protect the young'uns from generally being shits to each other, as well as support and help the vulnerable users.

"We want to create a safer environment for teens and young adults to communicate freely," said Leeds. "We understand that achieving this is complex, and we are delving into the issues that the site has faced in its past, in order to put in place the right solutions for the site’s users for its future."

Solutions, there.

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