ASDA Says "No More Celebrities" For Christmas Commercials chain ASDA will not have any celebrities in their Christmas commercials this year - a move that makes a 360 180 turnaround from last Christmas, when celebrity stuffed their ad campaigns, with documentary-style commercials starring Julie Walters and (B-list) celebrities like Liza Tarbuck, Ian Wright, Victoria Wood, and Paul Whitehouse appearing as ASDA employees.

ASDA claims that the decision was made to cease celebrity ad appearances for Christmas “and beyond” so that the company could save money and pass that savings on to customers.  We all know it's the slagging economy causing the chain to cut the fat where necessary for their own sakes, but clever PR, nonetheless.

And with 'Howard from Halifax' hitting stardom from the HBOS commercials, you never know who may be the next big star from this ASDA campaign (all Anitas and Annas should apply)

[Marketing Week]


  • Neil
    If it was a 360 turnaround wouldn't that mean they'd be doing exactly the same as last year?
  • Vince W.
    lol good point, neil! corrected :)
  • Robin H.
    Terrific post. Thanks.
  • Oral D.
    Incredibly helpful. I love the way you write. Do you have an RSS feed?
  • Jim T.
    Love it. To the point, articulate, and interesting. Best post I've ready today. Thanks.

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