Asda respond to exploding glass Miami table claims; it isn't down to the sun...

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 20.11.12 Remember the story which we brought to you a couple of days ago regarding the exploding glass tables? Well, Asda have now responded and dismissed this being down to the recent heat we've had. They said:

"We only use toughened safety glass in our garden furniture and have investigated this rare occurrence. We apologise to the customer and will be in touch with a resolution.”

After sharing the news on social media, we've been inundated with messages (and loads of images) from people letting us know that the same has happened to them with items purchases at B&M, Studio, B&Q and Homebase (specific product names TBC).

So the mystery continues. We'll be delving a little deeper to see what we're able to recover so keep an eye out on the page for more updates.

If you can provide any more information, please drop us an email - [email protected] 


  • Paul G.
    Happens to me also thankfully no children in garden at time.
  • jaffacake
    perhaps this is caused by the smoked glass being very dark and absorbing the sun's heat until it's very warm, then when a chilled drink is spilled onto the table it suffers thermal shock from the sudden cooling? even toughened glass (like car windscreens) doesn't react well to sudden temperature change - like pouring boiling kettle water onto it to defrost.
  • Fagin
    Gl(arse) table in a garden. Height of stupidity
  • Shona s.
    This has also happened to me our glass table smashed on it s own accord . It could of been very serious . Homebase though have been excellent and gave us a new table and umbrella and have flagged this up to the manufacturer. I will also be making a complaint
  • CapitalistBitchBoy
    @Shona shaw are you related to Stacey Shaw who commented on the original thread about the same time?
  • Han S.
    @Shona Shaw Are you related to Sandie Shaw who sang Puppet on a String in the 1967 Eurovision Song Contest?
  • sam d.
    Imagine my horror when my Miami glass table shattered into a billion pieces right in front of my eyes all over the patio .i have children and dogs running around ,I am still finding shards of glass even though this happened over a week ago .i am not a happy person!!!!
  • Pat H.
    Just come back from a wk end away and found mine in pieces, have emailed Homebase.
  • Argie
    I agree with fagin. In my eyes every single table sold or on sale should be recalled and glass to be replaced with perspex. In all probability they're made in China.
  • mrs F.
    My son purchased the patio set from asda. Was sat next to table with newborn daughter and glass started shattering and then popping out. Thankfully nobody was hurt but he went back to asda to be told manager was not in that day and eud return call. 3 weeks ltr no call. Disgusting customer service
  • Keith t.
    I threw mine out last summer after smashing, i had no idea that there would be any issues with the design and put it down to accidental damage...just found it smashed one morning and put it doen to sn incident,
  • Amanda
    This happened to a table we had purchased from Asda. Initially they wouldn't consider a refund because it was out of warranty but they looked into it and did give us a full refund. It wasn't a particularly warm day and the only thing on the table at the time was an empty glass which ironically didn't smash when it hit the floor. The family were seated around the table but thankfully no one was hurt. Luckily our dog had been picked up by my daughter just a few seconds before the table shattered so even the dog was ok. I can't imagine the damage it could of caused to a dog frantically trying to run away across a patio covered in glass! These tables are not safe and I will never buy a glass table again.
  • Vicki
    We had one from asda, the glass shattered I thought it was an accident too but there was nothing around to do it. Hadn't had it long either so was shocked when it shattered after 2 months, £200 in the bin! After 2 years I'm still trying to get the glass out of the gravel. Glad the kids weren't near it when it happened.
  • Father J.
    Who the fuck puts a glass table in the garden??
  • Sara
    The unexplained breakages could be down to Nickel Sulphide inclusions (Nsi) which are a naturally occurring phenomenon in all glass. A process called heat soak testing may help to identify the issue during manufacturing process but won't totally eliminate it

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