Asda Miami glass table 'explodes' in the sun. Do you have one of these?

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 20.11.12 The recent UK heatwave we experienced seemed to cause all sorts of problems. Buckling railway lines, melting faces and now apparently shattering glass tables!

There has been a couple of images circulating Facebook showing the Asda Miami glass table having smashed supposedly due to the heat. The post read:

 "!!!WARNING!!! I bought this Miami patio set from was exposed to the sun for a few hours and the glass exploded right beside my 4year old son (luckily he had his hat and sun glasses on)."

So far we've not seen any official response from Asda but once these images have properly gone viral (which shouldn't be too long!) we imagine we'll see something from them.

This is still for sale on the Asda George site which you can see here.

If you've got one of these tables, give it a quick inspection to see if you've any problems and let us know.


  • Paul G.
    Mine exploded last summer thought someone had done it was smashed when I got I n from shopping.
  • Julie S.
    I have just bought one of theses this week. I am now very worried about the safety and the cost. Where do I stand if this happens? And hopefully nobody gets hurt.
  • Samantha
    Mine has started to buckle in the Cornor only 1 month old
  • Holly
    Mine exploded as well...I got a full refund. They reported it centrally & said if 2-3 incidents were reported then they would have to issue a recall of the product. Asda were fab with dealing with mine.
  • CapitalistBitchBoy
    Mine exploded last night when my girlfriend touched it. She got some in her eye and all over her face. Wiped straight off though and she was ok. TTFN CBB
  • Chloe
    Exact same thing happend to me about 2 years ago!! I took photos and took the chairs and umbrella back and they gave me a full refund! I have a 3 year old, Luckily we weren't in when it happens but we could of been!
  • beverley
    Hi I've just had one of these I'm really concerned as I've got 4 children
  • Sarah
    Mine Exploded about a year ago,Just Before we were going to sit & have tea at it Whilst My 2 Children were Playing luckily They weren't next to it, Went back to Asda and All I got was a Replacement wasn't happy
  • John W.
    Toughened glass does not blow for no reason, the frame that its in must be buckling with the heat and putting stress on the edge of the glass.
  • DrJogalog
    Glass tables outside. What can wrong...
  • Rebecca
    I had the 4 seater miami table. Mine exploded about 4 weeks ago completely shattered i contacted asda....nothing...not even an acknowledgement...very dangerous do not buy! The glass has gone all under my decking!
  • Lisa
    This happened to mine last year have pictures too - hot day and it shattered into a million pieces ! Lucky my children were sat at the table !
  • Jay
    Nothing wrong with the table. Had it 4 years and not looked after it as it was a cheap temporary thing. It's scratched to buggery but has had building materials and tools dumped on it
  • Jane
    This happened to ours last year gutted loved it nice size for the family luckily we werent sat around it when it shattered into hundreds of pieces
  • Ammara
    Hi, I just actually bought one of these 2 months back and the exact same has happened. Since then I've had to have my glass replaced at my own cost obviously which was pretty disappointing.
  • Old M.
    Mine exploded leaving a gaping hole in the wall and fence. The blast caused several cars to overturn, a busload of goths to sneer and tut, and the continental shelf to move. My new born baby was only 6 miles away. *I WANT COMPO*.
  • vikkie
    Exact same happened to mine two days after I bought it note too all ring asda head office in leeds they are dealin with mine and have contacted my local store and have been told to take it back
  • Vikkie
    GUYS !!! i bought mine and within 2days i returned home from work on a scorching hot day to find my glass table in a BILLION pieces. i was confused at how this had happened as there was no wind because it was that hot! i now read this. discusting how they have not recalled however ring up ASDA HOUSE in leeds and they are happy to deal with the situation....they have contacted my local store and i am to go in with goods in box and deal with it from there.... good luck everybody and lets hope it gets recalled before it smashes and damages somebody.!!!!!
  • michelle G.
    My Miami table shattered a couple of weeks ago, I thought the parasol had caused it but now looking at these posts I'm not sure. Been reading a lot about this table shattering on Facebook. I've just had a replacement, so fingers crossed it's going to be ok.
  • Lisa
    Hi really shocked to hear of table exploding in the heat, having worked for ASDA customer service in a store i can only tell anyone who has had this happen or anyone having real worry about it happening to go back to the store you had it from and talk to the service desk colleague, they can suggest a course of action or get the store manager to talk to you. I would expect them to offer a refund and enter any exploding ones into the internal computer system which will flag up a need for a recall at Asda House in Leeds. you could always phone Asda House in Leeds as this is the company head office and their staff will help too.
  • Debbie
    Mine shattered yesterday in the sun as well I would encourage people to call and get it taken away and a full refund given to you .
  • Jo
    Ours exploded last weekend whilst sitting in the garden. Garden full of children. Having read all this will be contacting Asda.
  • Carl
    Presumably the frame is designed without sufficient space to allow expansion when the metal heats up, and is causing stress in the glass.
  • mags
    I work at asda if the customer service colleague is entering the info into the computer asda will recall it. They are brilliant at this but can only go by info stores give them. If it's happened to you take it back they cannot do anything if you don't give them the info.
  • Rachel H.
    I work for Asda at the Stleonards on sea store, I wasn't aware this was happening, but a few of my colleagues and infact my manager was aware this was happening But are doing nothing about it, bought my mum one of these as a gift before I found out this was happening but this actually happened to me today the table exploded but luckily no one was sitting there at the time, I have only had this 7 weeks.
  • Steven m.
    Hi my asda glass table did the same last Sunday wright next to my two daughters 4 years old and 1 years old while was play in the paddling pool it was on the grass so I was hovering the grass all that afternoon and am still picking glass out off it am not very happy not only have no table now but my kids can't play on the grass
  • Steven m.
    I have called asda complete and they told me that they are not recalling the tables or taking them off shelves in stores the said to take back to store and they will give me a new one I said I don't want another one exploding in my garden they said in that case they will give me a gift voucher great I don't think
  • Gayle w.
    My miami glass table purchased from asda exploded last weekend for no reason. Fortunately my 2year old daughter was not in the garden at the time but the table exploded into millions of tiny pieces which were a nightmare to clean up off the lawn. Asda told me it was a one off incident and replaced my table with another one from miami range!! I believed asda until reading this. I have pics of my exploded table if required.
  • Kelli G. You should all read the info above and report to Trading Standards. They will be able to take the appropriate steps to force the companies involved to recall these products :-)
  • Stacey s.
    I had one of these explode on my family total discussing
  • Tina
    I had one I had bought last year - it exploded last Sunday!
  • Fern B.
    Had mine two weeks and exploded yesterday. Called the store and they asked me to bring it back, can either refund or replace. However I don't drive so feel lost, don't want to pay £30 for taxis again, had to do that last time to get it home!
  • Gas M.
    Mine exploded when I put my fat arse on it
  • sam d.
    Omg I thought we were the only ones to have this happen to us ,I'm still finding glass shards even though it happened over a week ago ,the thing is where do we go from here ,are Asda going to accept responsibility?
  • Teddy E.
    I've never bought one of these tables and I haven't got any children either.
  • Hughbond
    I had one of these exploding and taking out three generations of my family and the east wing of my house. I would have been killed too if I hadn't popped off to the basement to retrieve a signed photo of Diana Ross. I'm just glad my dog escaped with only a severed leg
  • Moriom
    Hi, I bought this table 4 days ago, came back from work and to my shock and horror found the table smashed to pieces. Called asda and spock to the manager, he said he would replace the table. But now reading about all the tables that have shattered, I'm going to request for a refund and demand them to collect it. This is clearly a hazard and need to have all the tables taken back, as it is accident waiting to happen.
  • Leah c.
    This has now happened to our table too. We haven't got a receipt but was purchased from Asda. Is there anything I can do?
  • Gas M.
    They still don't get it do they....
  • phil
    I can advise you initially that this product is in no way faulty. We only use toughened glass in our tables which, if damaged, is designed to shatter into lots of tiny pieces, as a safety feature. This is standard in the UK market. The tables will only shatter when: 1/ The table becomes scratched or the table gets chipped which becomes worse with time and use which is why some tables may shatter unexpectedly but not spontaneously. 2/ The table will shatter if heavy objects come into force with the table causing stress and damage This is the same for all toughened glass, whether used in tables, windows or vehicles. I have spoken to my colleagues from the Quality Team for further information on the possible cause. Please see below the response received: " The table tops on the patio sets are manufactured using toughened glass. Toughened glass is so called because it is produced by cooling hot glass very quickly, forming a 'tough' skin on the surface of the glass. The 'energy' of the hot glass is trapped inside this skin, and this then creates a resistance to impact. However, when the skin of the toughened glass is broken which can be in the form of a scratch or a small chip, the energy inside the glass that is constantly forcing against the walls, looks to escape with an outwards force. This occasionally creates a popping effect where the glass will break outwardly and shatter into lots of harmless little pieces (much in the same way as a car windscreen breaks)." Harmless little pieces like a car windscreen omg what planet are ASDA on. This was the reply i got from asda on my table and yes mine also started to bend in one corner after 2 weeks.
  • bill
    Theyve got some in the clearance section at my local store.......would have thought asda would have pulled their finger out and discontinued them before somebody gets hurt. Poor show from Asda there
  • bill
    Also, pretty ridiculous for Asda to continue denying fault with the table after this many complaints. Senseless.
  • Emma
    Mine exploded this morning, it withheld last summer but this morning's sun got the best of it & there were no visible scratches that I ever noticed & we thankfully were not using the table at the time (just heard to crash from inside the house).
  • claire
    My table has shattered after putting a can of coke on it . I have rung asda who basically told me I was lying about it. This is dangerous and disgusting asda need to sort this out
  • Linda
    I cannot believe how many other people have had this happen - just literally happened to ours this afternoon, thankfully nobody sitting there or walking past, there wasn't anything on it and no obvious signs of a problem - literally just suddenly smashed into a million pieces - noise was immense. Currently waiting for an Asda Manager to call back - I simply cannot believe they are not recalling these, and still selling them! It's disgraceful!
  • Linda
    I am absolutely appalled that a manager did not call back as promised, no response to emails and whilst there was responses to my tweets, they asked me to private message and now it's all gone quiet. Because my set was 14 months old and therefore beyond their 12 month guarantee, this is what they are hiding behind - my set could have been 5 years old and I would have expected them to actually give a damn! Cannot believe they are still selling them - utterly irresponsible when there is clearly a problem! We should all bombard their customer services!
  • Debbie
    We have got back home today to find the table has smashed!!! Thankfully no one was harmed.
  • Ann
    My Miami patio table bought from Asda has just exploded into millions of pieces a half hour ago, Glass everywhere. lucky no one hurt and that the dogs were no where near when it happen, would have been awful if they got it in their paws, hopefully I managed to get all the pieces pick up. Will be complaining tomorrow.
  • Saj
    Bought the table on 31st July and the glass smashed on 13th Sept with nothing and nobody near it !!! Appalling ! only had it for 6 weeks ! I dont think the glass is strong enough. So many pieces in the grass that my 2 and 3 yr olds cant go out until every little piece had been picked up.
  • tasha
    Hello this just happened to me last night,sitting in my front room and a big bang, my table had imploded. Glass was all underneath, I am still in shock can't believe this has happened, then a friend told me that this had happened to other people.
  • Val
    This has jsut happened to my table an hour ago! Its rained all day then sunshine. Glass everywhere.
  • tracy h.
    i bought the complete miami set including all the cusions it was about 18 months ago from asda aintree. my 2 daughters and i were sitting next to it the girls were in bikinis sunbathing and it just exploded into tiny cubes showering us all with glass so there has been a problem with these tables long before this summer with these. i took it back to asda they asked for all the glass as well. they had just a table top in there warehouse upstairs and gave me that and i kept the original base. i have all pictires of this and cuts to my hands. i didn't take it any further as i thought it was a one off as they said they had not had any reports of any others doing this at the time. i have just found all these news papee articles from this july.
  • tanyanevaeh19

    this has happened twice to me but now asda wont refund me or do any thing as i have not got reciept any more like so many others this happend in the garden where my children where so lucky they were not hurt

  • Bod3

    we've had a table for about 4 yrs. Came back from holiday a couple of weeks ago and found it smashed. Nearly caused a huge argument with nextdoor neighbours 

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