Asda - lying to the nation over Life-size Butler's optical abilities

butler1The nation’s hearts have been captured by the Life-size Butler as currently on sale in Asda. He’s a Halloween special, although we feel the response has been sufficient for him to be available for the whole 52 weeks of the year.

Certainly, thousands of you have bombarded us with photographs of you and your own Butlers, some of them printable, but most of them sadly far, FAR too pornographic for human consumption.

But what’s this? A fault? It seems so. Beagle-eyed reader Trevor Drake spotted a warning sign in the Asda at Hessle Road, Hull. Starkly, it warns that the Butler’s eyes do not light up, as boldly claimed on the packaging.

DSC01172“The Butler’s eyes move” says the sign, as though that were some kind of compensation. Trevor adds that: “I could have probably worked it out by looking at the display model” but we don’t think that’s the point here.

Give us a couple of days and we’ll have some template letters ready so that you can all unite in a class action lawsuit against Asda and their phoney Butler. Our plans for an x-rated book of horny Butler photos may also have to be shelved…


  • Steve
    Any pron with life sized butlers and hot women has my vote!! I can see it now....."when horny chicks and life size butlers go wild!" If you make it, I'll invest!
  • In f.
    You can call it "The Butler did her", or "In the Buttler"
  • Brad
    Stick them on the net and leave a link, let the public decide if they want to have look.
  • Steve
    Or "What the butler saw"?
  • Steve
    Andy, I put it to you as a long standing reader and contributer to make this happen, I wanna see naked chicks and butlers!! Or just email me the pics, that'll be fine too. :)
  • frenchy
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  • Lista i.
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