Asda has carrotcam, America has cowboycam. They do things bigger over there.

2 October 2009

Latest from Asda's webcam. Looks as though there'll be plenty of carrots in the shops this weekend! Phew, eh readers?


Meanwhile, from recent CCTV footage in a convenience store in Puyallup, Washington...


  • Tom P.
    This is so obviously a fake film shoot. It's the prat who won the "Inflatable Cowboy Fancy Dress Costume" in the "The Bitterwallet Big Massive Huge Giveaway prize bundle" a couple of weeks ago. The cows are some gay extras from the local theater company who like to get in a costume and sniff the ass of the guy [gay] in front.
  • Brian
    Hi, Brian here. I am a part-time member of a major British theatre company (college). We are NOT GAY!!!!
  • Antique A.
    Tom, my dear, Goodness. I didn't realise you were THAT Tom Pickering until I clicked on your hyperlinked name - saw your rose bud and recognised you immediately. How are you darling? Still pretending to be a straight homophobe? Kisses, Antique Alan XXX

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