Asda give you 100 days to return George clobber

asda_logo_2 It's normally the length of time that countries give before judging new leaders but Asda have set themselves up to have the piss hauled out of them by their customers by extending the length of time that customers have to return clothing to a whopping 100 days.

It’s a poke in the eye to Marks and Spencer, who recently reined in their own returns period from 90 days to 35. Asda have said they will allow customers to return any item from their George clothing line up to 100 days after purchase, regardless of how many times it had been washed or worn.

The supermarket recently trialled the 100-day period on their school uniform range, with £900 worth of returns and refunds against a total of £9 million worth of uniforms sold.

Fiona Lambert, brand director at George, took a deep breath and blah-blah-di-blahed: "Even though officially it's the end of the recession, the attitudes we have developed towards being less wasteful are here to stay. Although we all want to make do and mend, the reality is that the busy mum just doesn't have time. The George 100-day quality guarantee now means that our customers should be just as happy with a George garment after washing and wearing as the day they bought it."


What do you lot reckon to all that then? Are you already peacock-proud of the fact that you dress from head to toe in George clobber or would you rather set fire to your own arms than be seen in such tat?

Maybe you previously dismissed the range as a poor man’s Primark but will now head in the direction of your nearest Asda and deck yourself out in George finery?

Or perhaps the name George makes you make about that horrible old bastard of the same name who is trying to steal Peter Barlow’s son on Coronation Street and therefore puts you right off wearing anything with that name on the label?

Yes, let’s talk about Corrie instead. That Carla, eh fellas? Hard boiled egg through a hosepipe we reckons.


  • The E.
    excellent...a new outfit every weekend / season...a new suit, shoes etc etc etc...wear for 3 months then return / exchange for the next season's clobber...great idea Georgia D'Asda lol us customers won't take advantage lol hmmm....Carla....oh yesssssssssssssssssssssssss
  • Millsy
    It is a 100 day QUALITY guarantee, people can't just return items if they have changed their mind and no longer like them.
  • The E.
    ...that's right Millsy...You'll also find that I'll be unimpressed with the 'quality' after 3 months of wear / washing
  • James
    What they haven't advertised is that they will now not exchange or refund without a receipt AT ALL. Found this out to our cost despite no notices in store etc. They will not exhange brand new shorts with labels bought for our son which are a tad small. We won't be shopping at ASDA any more.

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