Asda face legal action for underpaying women

ASDA-logo While Tesco have been through the mill of late and many other supermarkets having a tough time, Asda have been fairly quiet, getting on with business.

Until now that is. The retailer is looking at huge legal action by the women who work in their stores who claim that they've not been paid the same as men who work in the distribution warehouses, even though their jobs are of "equivalent value".

This case will look at how Asda decide how much they pay staff throughout the business and, if the women involved in this are successful with their claims, then the rest of the sector should start getting worried as there could be legal action against everyone else.

Over 1,000 employment tribunal claims have been submitted already and, a lot of the cases are being taken up by men who are employed by Asda as they would get a pay rise if the case is successful. Lawyers note: Asda has said it will vigorously defend itself from these claims and say that they do not discriminate.

Lauren Loughheed, the solicitor with Leigh Day who is leading the case, told the Beeb that the difference in pay could be as much as £4 an hour in difference. If the case sides with the workers, then there's going to be some gigantic back payments.

An Asda spokesperson said: "A firm of no win, no fee lawyers are hoping to challenge our award-winning reputation as an equal opportunities employer. We do not discriminate and are very proud of our record in this area which, if it comes to it, we will robustly defend."


  • Mr M.
    A distribution warehouse involves manual work so of course women should be paid less- they can't do the same workload a man can.
  • PC S.
    So wages for one role pay more than another. Either sex can do either role. What's the problem?
  • Anonymous
    I work for Asda yes I am female I know in our store we all work in the warehouse regardless of gender, regardless of role. The whole distribution side to it I know nothing of apart from the poor quality of deliveries we often get of which we the grocery team have to clean up after and put right. We should all be paid the same and I'm sure our colleagues agree this isn't about gender roles it's about the amount of work effort we all do together. I'll be damed if Im told I can't do a job a man can do when I do the same job with my male colleagues everyday.
  • Han S.
    @ anon "I’ll be damed if Im told I can’t do a job a man can do when I do the same job with my male colleagues everyday" - No one IS telling you that. Jobs in Supermarkets pay less than jobs in the distribution centre (for both sexes), If you went to work in the distribution centre then you'd get paid more regardles of your sex.
  • qwertyuiop
    Question is not so much how much the men in the distribution centres are paid and more how much the men in stores are paid. Jobs of the exact same nature (checkout/shelf stacking) should be paid the same, but checkout/shelf stacking and shifting of crates of products by machine for example should not be. Obviously asda aren't quite so foolish to pay based on gender, so it sounds like some greedy bitches want more money they falsely believe they are entitled to.

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