ASDA be a set-up, but could YOU do better?

The sign has obviously been fiddled with, but it made avid Bitterwallet reader Harry and his missus giggle when they walked into ASDA in Bradford:

Ok so the sign's obviously been fiddled with, but made me & the missus giggle when we walked in to ASDA in Bradford.

That's what we said! It's possible Harry did this purely to entertain you, the similarly avid Bitterwallet reader, but he claims it wasn't him:

Bitterwallet - ASDA cheaper than Tesco
Got us thinking, mind - after a year of yellow label pricing errors and idiotic products, are any of our readers brave enough to create their own photo opportunity in their local store? We're not talking about killing a man in our name to get Bitterwallet on the 6 o'clock news, but if you fancy popping in Tesco, ASDA, Currys, Boots - wherever - and indulging in a little playful activity with the signage or indeed, anything else, we'd love to see the results.

Can you get an episode of My Two Dads on every TV in Comet? Well can you?


  • Nobby
    Is there a prize for a turd on the chocolate shelf?
  • GH
    it's been done before, kinda, on b3ta. Link may not be SFW :)
  • zacspeed
    Beat me to it GH!!
  • cookie
    On Mother's Day, I went past a Mexican restaurant in Croydon when I was on the bus. The chalkboard said "FREE COCKTAILS FOR YOUR MUM!" - I so wanted to go and wipe out five letters.
  • Warwick H.
    I got banned out of South Shields Asda a few years ago for tampering with their public notices and sales board, I put an advert on. Young lady looking for careless house keeping job. have big tits, wear low blouses and short skirts and wont mind performing "other duties" I put my mates telephone number on it and his phone never stopped ringing for three days till Asda found the advert and removed it. They threatened him with court so he shopped me but they couldent prove anything, still banned me tho.
  • wonky h.
    Banned from Asda for putting up a joke advert? Harsh.
  • OwlsFan
    A long time ago (about 22 years ago!) I was in Morrisons- they had one of those blackboards up with holes in where you could insert white letters into them. They used the board to show the Top 40 singles, and someone had changed Rick Astley's name to Dick Ghastly! I was about 8 at the time and found it absolutely hilarious...
  • Mr G.
    “FREE COCKTAILS FOR YOUR MUM!” - sounds like a fucking good swap!

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