Asda and Tesco must make their bananas fair

tesco-unveils-its-banana-001 Asda and Tesco must sell more Fairly traded bananas.

The Fairtrade Foundation has been geeing up consumers to harass the two supermarkets this month, which is when buyers negotiate supplier contracts for the next 12 months.

The UK public spends over £700m eating 5 billion of them a year – yet instead of making a decent living, many banana farmers that supply the UK are struggling to get by.

Fairtrade Foundation claims that Tesco and Asda are the two largest UK sellers of the yellow-skinned treat, yet still stocked ranges of non-Fairtrade bananas.

According to a poll of 2,000 banana lovers, more than eight in 10 customers - which itself included 85% of Asda shoppers and 84% of Tesco types - would happily coin up a bit extra if they knew that the banana grower was getting their slice.

“UK consumers care about the conditions faced by the people who grow our food,” said the Foundation.

Globally, Fairtrade works with close to 25,000 banana plantation workers and small farmers across Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Peru, the Windward Islands, Panama, Costa Rica, Ghana and Cameroon.

If you want to join the chanting, head here and enter details to email Asda and Tesco directly.


  • Inspector G.
    Fair Trade exists purely to give consumers a warm fuzzy feeling when they buy third-world goods. Most of the extra cost goes to the retailer as thicker profit margin. A small portion goes to the wholesale buyers who are expected to spend their uplift on nice projects although this is barely monitored or enforced. The farmers get sweet FA but are forced to jump through accreditation hoops otherwise the wholesaler wont deal with them. Essentially, the farmers get no difference in price regardless of whether you buy Fair Trade or not.
  • CUNT
    I would never touch a fairtrade banana. The quality is shite. Nothing better than a Chiquita banana!

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