ASA rap BT over Infinity broadband claims

Bitterwallet - BT - featured Good old BT (we’re being sarcastic there) has had the back of its hand slapped by the tough guys and gals over at the ASA again, after four complaints about adverts for its Infinity broadband service were upheld. The ASA has said that the ads, which were featured in the press and online, should be put in a big bin and burned.

Among the complainants were Virgin Media, who kicked off mightily at BT’s claim that the ‘superfast’ Infinity package was ‘unbeatable’. As we all know, only Superman is unbeatable, and the ASA agreed that the claim could not be substantiated by BT.

Additionally, BT’s boast of their ‘unbeatable’ speed was also deemed to be a load of old baloney as the ads failed to state that it was only available within certain broadband packages. COMPLAINTS UPHELD. CASE CLOSED.

We await the results of our complaint over the use of a creepy student bastard in the latest series of BT’s telly ads. Watch this space….


  • Dick H.
    do you reckon the geek will get it off with that good looking bird flatmate?
  • Dick m.
    @dick head, no it turns out the geek dude is a pedo and has been downloading loads of illicit material through his 'unbeatable' broadband connection. It's fast but he couldn't hide it all in time and the rozzers nabbed him. The girl got hooked on heroin after finding out he'd been doing stuff to her sister's underwear and the other guy killed himself...shame. BT is shit.
  • qwertyuiop
    Hopefully BT will come up with a new advertising campaign at some point which doesn’t involve unlikeable humans. First of all it was annoying man-child Kris Marshall and his anonymous milf and now we have some random goblin of an actor and his two accomplices. Dear BT, please stop wasting customer money on shit like this and instead focus it on getting fibre optic set up in more areas. Thank you x
  • Chris
    Would somebody be that stupid to buy a product that says it's "unbeatable" without checking out the competition simply because the advert says it can't be beaten?
  • Phil
    @Chris - Yes. Haven't you seen how many stupid people there are about nowadays...
  • qwertyuiop
    Why is my previous comment still awaiting moderation? The one relating to annoying and talentless Man-Child Kris Marshall and his anonymous milf? Also very much in agreement regarding these new ad stars? They do nothing for me wanting to spend money on BT products and services, infact quite the opposite and I forsee money going on a new TV eventually if I keep seeing the ads on account of me hurling a heavy object at my existing one. BT needs to stop flushing money away on drivel like this and start spending more money on getting more than one or two parts of the country setup with fibre optic!
  • Biff W.
    I have noticed you collect tins of soup, how many oxtail tins do you currently have in your possession? How do you store them, by date,age or flavour etc? Why did you punch the cat? Do you go to town and shout at the carpets? Why are you barred from poundstrecher branches in UK and Ireland? Is it true Hulk Hogan lent you a blank video? Why is there a photo of you pouring icing sugar on the PC worlds goods entrance on my kitchen window? After you have answered the above questions in a timely manner I will consider meeting up with you in person and discussing late 80's early 90's british TV programmes in the great detail you demanded...e.g Howards way,lovejoy and through the keyhole. Thank you
  • Alan T.
    I hate oxtail soup.
  • klingelton
    @biff post of the year.
  • Mike H.
    I can only imagine that the BT rap will go summat lark this, "Eh yo BT, you smell like pee, suck my balls under a cherry tree. You phone lines are shit dogg, best sort em out yall, Virgin will rape yo ass, It's not an Indian I wanna call."
  • klingelton
    @Mike Go back to post school!
  • Mary H.
    Obviously missed the joke there, Klingy? I suggest you collect your toys and head back to pre-school yourself, run along now.
  • Mike H.
    I beat the shit out of superman this AM for setting fire to a bin with a BT advert in it, stupid twat, what was he thinking?

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