ASA mauls purveyors of gross advertising stupidity

_57935850_57935848 The Advertising Standards Authority has clamped down on a couple of pieces of rank stupidity this week, which is all any of us can ask for from them really.

EXAMPLE OF STUPIDITY NUMBER ONE: Citroen have had their wrists slapped after putting together an advert that caused people to have fits. The ad included flashing images with the word ‘Yes’ flashing repeatedly (pictured, without the flashing). Ten people objected to it, with some reporting the onset of symptoms associated with photo-sensitive epilepsy, while one viewer reportedly suffered a fit. Nice one Citroen – if you’re going to hypnotise us, why not cure us of our chronic agoraphobia instead?

EXAMPLE OF STUPIDITY NUMBER TWO: A YouTube advert for 12A-rated movie Abduction, including scenes of violence (and mild peril) with shooting, punching and a man kicking through a glass window. Which in itself isn’t all that bad, but when it’s placed ahead of a kids animation called ‘The Duck Song’, well, that IS pretty bad.

The film’s maker, Liongate tried to excuse their behaviour by saying that they expected it to be only seen by over-13s as that is the age that YouTube asks users to be. That’s an excuse as bad a cruise ship captain saying that he fell into a lifeboat if you ask us. In other words, reprehensible. The ASA has given Liongate a Chinese burn.


  • james D.
    the duck song? Isn't that the one with all the "and then he waddled awayyyyy"
  • Boris
    Flashy advertising gets you nowhere.
  • Chris
    I know its pedantic... how about the latest Fiat 500 ad, 'Superstar as standard'? Is that like 'Air conditioning as standard'? If so, what is the list of available superstars to buy with the said vehicle?
  • Sicknote
    Ha ha, that film Abduction featuring closet homosexual Taylor Lautner was about as scary as the slags touting for business outside Kings Cross station. So, I'm very surprised that anything from that flop of a movie was able to cause offence.
  • Mike #.
    I had a similar experience, I was having a fit while the Mrs was repeatedly shouting YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES YES, YES, YES, YES,YES, YES, YES, YES,YES, YES, YES, YES,YES, YES, YES, YES,YES, YES, YES, YES,YES, YES, YES, YES.
  • Frank P.
    You'll not have more fits than a Quick Fit Fitter. Apparently there quite trustworthy also.

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