Arteries everywhere cheer weakly as KFC bring out the grill

First, McDonald’s started supplementing their, ahem, nutritionally-poxy menu with a few bags of salad here and there. Then Pizza Hut had a stab at healthification by changing the names of a few of their restaurants to Pasta Hut to the delight of… well, approximately no one.

Now, Kentucky Fried Chicken are the latest fast food giants to fly in the face of the business plan that reads ‘Kill the customers slowly’ – they’re rolling out a grilled chicken option at 5,100 of their American restaurants from April 27th, and on that day, customers will be able to sample a free piece of the new healthier option.

Over here in the UK, we’ll have to wait to see if the move takes off  - if it does, KFC have said they’ll roll it out internationally. In the meantime, as a boost to kebab shop owners everywhere, we’d like to offer a plug to the grilled chicken kebab, which is hard to beat as far as we’re concerned, and you don’t even need to be drunk to enjoy it.


  • acecatcher3
    thinking about kfc deals makes me sad :(
    ive seen these grilled chickens before and its basically the same its "grilled" on a hot plate in a load of hot oil...........technically fried still a grill would use no oil for fook sake MARKETING BOLLOX
  • MinstrelMan
    lol @ ace...... do they have to change their name to KGC? *looks for whitty related acronym:* - none, ahhhhh fuck. So its being trials in the good old US eh? surely the knees of those fat fucks are cheering just as loudly as the arteries.
  • MinstrelMan
    well shit in a bag and punch it! am I destined for a career in marketing? quick i need an old priest and a young priest!
  • Ian P.
    "Hope is non-fried offering appeals to more health-conscious customers" With this aimin mind best is for them to close.. how they continue beats me... almost like a shop that sells only videos and has never bothered with CDs... simply amazing
  • Minnie
    They are rubbish no vegetarian food stops people having a meal together waste of space to be honest
  • Paul
    Apriil 27th April 27th Spot the difference :)
  • Andy D.
    Good spot Paul but you weren't here early enough to see the original title containing the word 'gril.' Doh!
  • The B.
    No vegetarian food? They do beans, coleslaw and chips, what more do you want? Back when I was a veggie they only food you could get was a Burger King beanburger that tasted like dog turd fried in lard, and you'd be grateful for it after a night on the lash.
  • greg
    Popeyes, West Street, Sheffield. Best grilled chicken kebabs on the planet

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