Art Experts Fight Over 'Da Vinci' £150 Painting you ever find yourself on eBay, buying things because of their 'investment value', only to find that they sit around the house and become worthless entitites? 

Truly great deals are rare and valuable, and you just never know when you will stumble upon them and whether they will be worth the investment.

Three art enthusiasts from Laroque of southwestern France bought a painting called “The "Madonna of Laroque" in 1998 for only 1500 francs (£150). Upon seeing the painting they were "convinced" that it was an authentic Da Vinci, or at least a piece from his workshop.  

It was was, they would have certainly hit jackpot.

Recently, the buyers have the support of Maike Vogt-Luerssen, a private Renaissance art historian. However, Prof Alessandro Vezzosi, head of the Museo Ideale de Vinci and one of Italy's top Da Vinci experts, says the work "cannot be linked" to DaVinci.

While experts continue to argue over the authenticity of the work, consumers and investors alike are buying and selling all kinds of item on auctions, some making big fortunes.

It begs the question: do you think there's value in investing in paintings like this?  Have you ever purchased something and managed to resell it for a surprisingly large value?


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