Arrest following Asda night-time carnage video

asda_logo_2 Remember Asda Riot Boy, the nightshift employee at the supermarket’s Fulwood store who was filmed going apeshit in the dead of night? Of course you do – there was the slashing of colleagues’ coats, the smashing of eggs and the licking of raw chickens that were then put on the shelves. Nasty.

Well, a man has been charged with criminal damage in relation to the outrageous spree of mayhem – and he’s 30. Adeel Ayub, of Spinney Brow will appear before Preston magistrates on December 15 after police were given the mobile phone footage and subsequently made an arrest.

30 years old. For crying out loud…


  • Sing B.
    Spinney Brow, I bet he will have... after bumming session
  • unimpressed
    I hope he gets raped in prison.
  • me
    haha what an idiot.
  • another c.
    Lets see how much of a cocky F'ing w4nker he is in court, I hope the judge shops in ASDA. oh but no our justice system will see him as a victim - blah blah blah lost the will to carry on ..............thanks to my couldnt give a F as "it doesn't affect me" current british attitude.
  • Junkyard
    A judge shopping in Asda! Hahahaha!!

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