Armed robber uses part of a forest as his chosen weapon

It seems that in the fast-moving world of armed robberies, BIG WEAPONS are all the rage at the moment. Last week we brought you an attempted hotel hold-up where the perpetrators were packing a massive musket and now there’s this...

It’s a convenience store robbery where the baddie, heavily disguised and wearing plastic bags on his feet, uses a large piece of tree as his weapon of choice. Not a knife, or a gun, or a baseball bat, but a bit of a tree.

The store worker tries to confuse him by defending himself with a smaller weapon (a hammer) and there’s an interesting stand-off where at least one of them probably feels really embarrassed about what’s going on.

Next week, we’re hoping to source some footage of someone robbing a petrol station using a burning motorbike. Watch out for that one...

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