Argos go all-out in fancy new advert

Anyone thinking that by binning the aliens, Argos had given up on that old advertising lark.

Oh no.

The company have thrown £10 million on its biggest campaign yet.

Quite good, yes?

Argos have been gradually transforming their in-store and online offering as part of a £300 million investment including the introduction of Fast Track collection, free reservation online, and a click and collect partnership with eBay.

Speaking to The Drum, marketing director Stephen Vowles said: “Now it’s time to time to get people to think about Argos differently and get customers and non-customers to sit up and take notice,”

“Argos is unique and we don’t want to just be a slightly different version of a high street retailer or a slightly different version of a pure play online retailer. We want to assert our own uniqueness and re-establish ourselves as a unique category of one player.”

The new ad shows a load of break-dancers, skateboarders and general active types freaking out to the toe-tappin' 'How You Like Me Now?' by The Heavy.

Vowles explained: “There’s a lot of advertising out there that makes people go ‘Ahhh, isn’t that sweet. That’s not really who Argos is. We’re about excitement, action and that’s what we wanted to capture – a real sense of dynamism, drama, speed and action."

The ad uses the strapline ‘Get Set Go Argos’ to reinforce the message, and will run out to its 730(!) stores.


  • dave
    so dated tacky
  • Amanda P.
    Thanks Argos, for producing a good advert that avoids any stereotyping or sexual bias, which is very important considering the current general feeling amongst women that adverts exploit the female form. I like your ad and will definitely continue shopping proudly at Argos. I'm not unique and therefore feel sure that others will agree with me.
  • Diane B.
    Love the new advert, especially the stormtrooper lids, but I am biased,

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