Are you eating horsemeat? A new Gallop poll

some secret ingredient sausages, yesterday

It’s been impossible to avoid the horse gags recently. If you have been purchasing beef products for your mane meal from a number of different supermarkets, manufacturers and retailers, including Tesco, Aldi, Findus and Burger King, there’s up to a 100% chance that you have been munching on some Dobbin. What a ‘mare.

Although there is no suggestion as yet that this is anything other than a taste issue- there are no food safety concerns- understandably lots of UK householders are not pleased to discover a secret ingredient in their spaghetti bologneighse.

The retail sector have been found caught on the hoof, and they are desperately trying to win back customer favour and assure consumers that their food is safe to eat. Most of the meat suppliers in question are from Ireland and France, and the latter, who openly munch equine burgers, are probably wondering what all the fuss is about.

But have the shops managed to rein in customer panic, or will this scandal change how you shop in future? Will you think twice before buying a ready meal? Will you stop nag-ging the wife to get the burgers in? Or will you just swap supermarket or brand, but continue eating the same unidentifiable meat products?

We know it’s funny, particularly if you are vegetarian/don’t eat beef/ don’t eat burgers but this could have a serious effect on consumer behaviour. Tell us. Now.

Or, it could just be funny.


  • oliverreed
    Why hasn't somebody just started selling [correctly labeled] horse meat products, now is the time to make a killing.
  • Doc K.
    Some secret ingredient sausages......looks a little bit like a penis yes?? Personally, I prefer horse.
  • Zleet
    Half expecting the next scandal to be Findus selling stuff 70% Horse 30% Jockey. While I wouldn't seek out horse I don't really give a shit as long as its not stuck full of drugs. The fucked up shit they call 'meat' in this country, especially in ready meals, is disgusting anyway.
  • Strawbear
    Don't think I've had a ready meal in 5 years so don't give a damn really. Have they tested anything for dog/cat/rat/human meat at all?
  • Han S.
    Can you post the funny video you promised? The one that comes up is shit
  • treboeth
    @Doc K never tried the either but reckon horse would be my choice 2
  • Captain C.
    Ré article I laughed myself horse. PS, horse meat tastes nothing like beef, so the company making 100% horsemeat products for Findus HAS to have known what they were doing - unless millions of chavs have no sense of taste. FWIW. My sons GF has an inoperable brain tumour; it has grown in size slowly for many years, since being diagnosed when she was a teenager - since she moved away from home and we stopped her eating crap like the above products, the tumour has started shrinking - Doctors are baffled!!
  • Sicknote
    In Italy you can chose horse meat from the menu; I have a few times and to be honest it's a very nice meat.
  • dvdj10
    As you can in France. You can actually order horse meat from the continent. It's legal to buy it here, just not sell it hence why you can personally import it.
  • Her L.
    It's not just the poor/lazy/stupid and their ready meals that we should berate, what about the pubs and restaurants that use catering services such as Brakes and 3663? Daily Mail readers often dine out in chain pubs so it's important for them to know that the catering services products have been tested for traces of horse.
  • Tim B.
    Where's the option for "Made me actively want to try horse meat"?
  • Mustapha S.
    That sausage at the top right of the image looks like a circumcised penis. Is it a Jewish horse?
  • Captain C.
    Been talking to the wife, apparently the Chinese community are horrified to find out that their Findus Beef Lasagne are full of horse meat - for years they have been assuming it was cat meat!!!
  • noshit
    The Consultants best friend is at work at present. With all this protein getting stuck in the ground or burned at high temperature in gas ovens i say make burgers from the old. Just ensure you remove the duffle coat b4 processing. They ahve the right idea in India where they let the local dogs eat most of the body b4 they float it out in some savage pagan ritual to pollute the local water supply. Fucking genius.
  • Phuck Y.
    Most of you fuckwits already suck horses dicks so technically you are already eating horse meat. Fuck-wits, yes.
  • shiftynifty
    Think of the children..........
  • Phuck Y.
    You think of children a lot, shiffys?
  • Dick
    That's a shit video. If you are going to take a video of something that is wider/longer than it is high, and upload it to a website that uses landscape format, then why the fuck do it in portrait?
  • Lester P.
    I'd eat a dobin burger or a stableman's pie*, but I'd prefer it without the carcinogens. *if i liked horse, which I've never tried
  • Lester P.
    ...or have I?

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