Are you drinking what they're drinking?


We're going to take a guess that this isn't part of vitaminwater's official marketing campaign.

[The High Definitive]


  • Noodles
    Another crap post.. blatantly photoshopped.. NEXT!
  • Peter G.
  • PaulH
    Well it's pretty obvious you ass fruits
  • Noodles
    obviously it is paulh you tool... its a boring and pointless post as crawl back to your hole you reject!
  • The B.
    Sloppy photoshopping, they have even bother to consider that these sort of posters are formed of multiple squares which never sit flush.
  • The B.
    Btw, is it half term already?
  • PaulH
    Noodles you massive helmet! If you think it's a crap post then go tell someone who cares - such as your pet rock
  • Andy D.
    I feel that I should point out to the haters, on behalf of the entire Bitterwallet editorial team, that we REALLY couldn't give a flying fuck about what they think. I can't stress that strongly enough.
  • Mark
    You never know, it might've been GIMPed!
  • Knobsabove
    Why do you fucktards come onto this site just to abuse the publishers?! Have you nothing better to do, go back to wanking over youjizz for the 12th time today. cocksuckers......
  • Noodles
    PaulH you total douchebag..obviously you care otherwise you wouldnt have sausage jockey! knobsabove..crawl back to your hole..i come here to get entertained..wasted a few seconds of my life..obviously you dont have one cos ur jizzin in ur pants over wank articles! Andy Dawson..obviously you do you scrote otherwise u wudnt have replied! now all yo crawl back your little rocks respectively and come out for the next!
  • Andy D.
    No Noodles - it's part of my job as editor to look over the comments, that's the only reason why I read your brainspew. Do you know how many hating emails we get every month? Fucking none. That's because sending an email provides no immediate audience for yourself and other similar dickless keyboard warriors, deluded in your collective belief that you're actually contributing something. Carry on...
  • Noodles
    @Andy Dawson I just browsed the first page of your blog and lets see a selection of just got Owned with a big fat capital O! Now obviously I have exposed you as a brainless amatuer who doesnt even know your own blog!Game Set and Match son! over the Vodafone article @The Real Bob – maybe its bitterwallet that got out of bed the wrong side. maybe they need to wake up to the real world and stick doing what they are good at. This article is worse than a Daily Mail Cancer story. It might as well have another paragraph at the bottom which says that Vodafone is not the only company doing this and what they are doing is perfectly legal. Take the taxes they do pay out of the system and then see the cuts that are needed. I think if Vodafone did read this then they would have liked to see a point made that was the basis of a point not just some mindless scaremongering about the cuts. osted by Peter Griffin | October 20th, 2010 at 2:31 pm My god, this truly is the worst website ever # Posted by crap | October 20th, 2010 at 2:40 pm what a shit article # Posted by Phil | October 14th, 2010 at 11:14 am I was interested until your “market analyst” link proved to be from the Daily Mail
  • Andy D.
    Noodles, what the fuck are you on about son?
  • Noodles
    Andy 'Do you know how many hating emails we get every month? Fucking none.' And there was a selection of emails from your other so called articles! Not hard to muster is it Andy!
  • i b.
    @noodles - I actually found the post informative (I know a first for bitterwallet) never having heard of vitaminwater I enjoyed laughing at the idea of a "water" with only 100 calories a bottle. Your first post was pathetic and the more you spin you only dig in deeper...
  • Andy D.
    Noodles, do you know what an email is? You're talking about comments that are publicly displayed on this site. I'm referring to private emails that are sent to us via our email address. Would you like to go and get a grown-up to sit you down and explain it to you?
  • zeddy
    Ah leave Noodles alone, (s)he is just misunderstood. Everyone thought they were discoursing with a rational human being whereas Noodles is in fact an arsehole that appears to be having a visit from Aunt Irma.
  • o'dreary
    haha fuck off noodle go shove a cock up your arse
  • Rafe D.
    Here's why Vitaminwater deserves knocking. The name and packaging suggest it's healthy, yet the sugar contained outweighs any positive effects the supposed vitamins could have. When questioned about this, Coca-Cola, who make the drink but don't brand it as a coke product stated 'no consumer could reasonably be misled into thinking Vitaminwater was a healthy beverage'. Pillocks.
  • PaulH
    @noodles You're like a dull pain in the testicles - annoying and slightly worrying
  • piggy
    Did I mention it's probably been photoshopped?
  • Gimpazoid
    @noodles - In addition to everybody else's comments - please go back to school, and learn to spell, you illiterate chav.
  • Whisky
    Noodles is a fucktard.
  • NoodlesMum
    Noodles has now had his little computer taken away for a thorough cleaning, What a mess, Sticky stuff all over it. He's had a good ear twisting and his arse slapped and will be sent to bed without his teddy.
  • The F.
  • Lumoruk
    I like all the multi's by Andy lol I agree with Noodles.
  • The B.
    @Lumoruk Go back to finding shit deals on HDUK
  • Nobby
    Alex Riley did a good show on BBC3 or 4 about this (and other crap drinks).
  • Paul C.
    @The Real Bob I believe half term spans over both over this week and last. I'm glad Noodles got his arse served back. Now go and "crawl back into your hole" or whatever rubbish you come out with.

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