Are the Telegraph rigging competitions?

12 October 2013

Legally speaking, we're not implying that the Telegraph are rigging their competitions, but if you read the thing we found below, you could certainly forgiven for thinking: "Why, it really looks like the Telegraph have rigged a huge competition so their mates could win all the prizes."


If you want the full story, and more, click here.


  • Dosser
    LOVING the Feral Trolley Of The Week! Hilarious!
  • fuqstix
  • Captain.Cretin
    Even if this story is 100% true, not much will happen, just remember the (in)action at another paper when it was discovered the "Million Pound Bingo" comp was rigged so no one could win and the prize money went to the papers owner.
  • Rupert M.
    hi BW A friend suggested you have a classifieds section on your bootilicious periodical? I cannot as yet find the page, (silly me, up all night with charley horse). Could one of your bods message me where it is plz? (I have a scrummy Ipad for sale, well a few bits 'n bobs if I'm honest, & to be completely frank with you those dishonest bastards at ebay can keep their hands off MY hard earned money, damned if i'm paying fee's to anyone). (no-one will see this right)? Hugs. Ruperoo.
  • Michael M.
    Rupert is a barrister, BW, so if you wished to tie things up further here's his website Surely he's got professional commitments to uphold, that doesn't mean being in cahoots with chums at the telegraph does it? "congrats rupert you've won an ipad, drop it of at the usual place for lunch ya!? Hug my arse!

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