Are the Back To The Future trainers about to hit the shops?

Remember Marty McFly’s trainers from Back To The Future 2? The Nike Mags, with the automatic lacing system? The futuristic stuff of dreams, yeah? No. Probably. Look...


Nike have issued a not-so-subtle press release hinting that the Mags could soon be available for real. This follows up their patenting of the automatic lacing system in 2010. Look....


Here’s a teaser video that has seeped all over The Internet as well...

Exciting? Surely! Will you look like a dick if you wear them? Probably!



  • teh a.
    How else would Michael J Fox do his laces?
  • NB
    This is kind of exciting. I still have one question though- where's my hoverboard?
  • Dick
    If you buy them (or steal them like the young'uns do these days), you deserve a beating.
  • Biris
    If the software goes wrong it will cut your foot off. Avoid.
  • Stax
    I CAN NOT WAIT FOR THESE! I have dreamed of owning a pair of hi tops like these since seeing the movie!

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