Are Tesco deliberately smashing up the dreams of our children? Or is it just bait and switch?

WAHOO! Tesco have got a half price toy sale on! LOOK!!!

Screen Shot 2011-10-07 at 12.14.24

Lego! We LOVE Lego here at Bitterwallet. Let’s have a look what we can get in the HALF PRICE TOY SALE.....

Oh, nothing. There’s almost 270 Lego items listed on the Tesco Direct website and not a single one of them is reduced by as much as 50%. In fact, hardly any of them are reduced at all.

Shame on you Tesco. You made us cry.

[thanks to @BragItUp]


  • samuri
    the blokes in silly pointed shoes are above the law, didn't you know
  • zeddy
    No but you can get Logo: There are some fantastic Megabollock deals to.. :/
  • Brad
    Megabolocks and Lego are not the same, the quicker your realise that, the quicker we can get this marriage on track.
  • kv

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