Are T-Mobile charging you for ghost calls? Let us know

Hey, T-Mobile customers - do you ever bother checking your itemised bills to see who you've been ringing? Of course not - you know who you've made calls to because it's your phone, right? Nah, not quite. In the case of one avid Bitterwallet reader, a "computer glitch" has apparently invented calls and added them to his bill - and it appears to be happening to other customers.

Here's reader Justin with the skinny:

Whilst checking my online call log (which include unbilled charges), I saw that I had been charged for two calls to UK mobile numbers.
I couldn't remember calling the numbers, and didn't recognise them, so I did a little research and it turned out they were allocated to O2 and T-Mobile, and were therefore standard UK mobile numbers and included in my inclusive minutes.
These numbers were not called by me - I checked the call log on my handset to be sure. When I rang them, one number was dead, and therefore a charge is technically impossible, and the other number was some posh tart I'd never spoken to before in my life.

Here's the online call log to show Justin has been charged for two calls that he claims were never made, and weren't recorded by his handset's call log (click for larger image):

Bitterwallet - T-Mobile ghost numbers

So what are T-Mobile up to? According to the customer services manager that Justin spoke to, T-Mobile are aware that something "strange" is going on, and that their technical team are investigating this "computer glitch".

Worryingly, Justin was told that he isn't the only customer that's been affected, meaning hundred, thousands or more customers may be being charged for these "ghost" calls. Plenty of customers never check their bill to dispute adhoc charges, meaning T-Mobile could be raking in thousands if this is a widespread problem.

While T-Mobile investigates, we want to hear from you if you've also being billed for ghost calls. Have a look at your last bill or your current usage online and check the chargeable calls outside your monthly allowance - let us know at [email protected] if you've experienced a similarproblem.


  • Paul
    wow wow wow, hold up, rewind, go previous... What happened to the bitterwallet site?
  • Bazinga
    Nothing for me, which is disappointing - I was hoping to speak to a posh bird.
  • Bazinga
    Actually, there's only 1000 combinations for that elusive phone number, could be a long night...
  • John m.
    I've just been charged £155 for a month calls ( usually it's around £25 ) X 3 calls at 2 hours each to my parents number after midnight when i was in bed !. have reduced bill to £85 however will not admit it was their fault, they told me to have my phone checked out. If it happens again i'll cancel contract.
  • cathy
    I have noticed 2 small charges to my account in September 2012.I emailed Tmobile and had a reply stating they were unable to deal with my email request as they are updating this service. so far I have not been able to get through to customer service by phone. Both numbers are unobtainable and start with 0795393 any advice would be welcome
  • Bertie
    I've just checked my bill on-line and have £7 worth of charges for using the internet on my phone, which I never do, every day for the last month sometimes 2 or 3 times a day. I've had the phone for 16 months and my bill has always been as per contract with no other charges. T-mobile "Customer Services" (I use the term loosely) told me the bill was 100% correct and they would do nothing about the charge. I have a sneaking suspicion that if I don't switch off the internet facility next month could be a much higher bill, due to hacking? I would be grateful for any advice.
  • Shiah
    My past two bills have been £111 and £182, I normally pay £22 a month!! They claimed that i phoned a number and had an hour's conversation with a person i haven't been speaking to in about a year! Unrecognised numbers are also appearing on my bill, they even said i sent 4 picture messages to unrecognised numbers. I will definitely be cancelling my contract at the first point. TMOBILE are a rip off, they even changed my price plan without my knowledge or consent - they continuously provide a shitty service and now they're stealing.... PATHETIC.
  • Paul C.
    Each month i need to be very cautious while checking the phone bills for extra charges. Recently i saw some unauthorised charges of $250 on my phone bill. And Customer Care Representative had no idea about the whole thing. There was no transparency and clear communication from their end. We cancelled contract with T Mobile and switched to another carrier. Reported the charges on

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