Are sugar daddy parties the future for skint women?

20071019_sugar_daddy_18 Ladies – if you’re looking for a new way to reduce your financial outgoings, and aren’t too fussy about the state of the bloke on your arm, you might like to try… sugar daddy parties!

They’re nothing to do with the grizzled, apprentice-searching Lord from off the telly but they’re big in the USA and they’re coming to the UK. In short, they’re a way for rich old men to snag themselves a young, fit, willing female companion.

In New York, it works like this – a packed club is filled with monied men, who are well outnumbered by young women. The MC says: “Men, you know what to do. Women, receive their generosity. We will touch you with passion and fire all night long.” Erm, okay. They then mingle, speak to each other and try to come to ‘an arrangement’, which could include the buying of fancy gifts, or the paying of a certain amount of money whenever they meet.

When asked if these events are a form of prostitution, organiser Alan Schneider says: “No, it’s not.” That’s okay then – thanks for clearing that up Alan. But the sugar daddy parties are a massive hit in the USA and Alan is looking to bring them over here.

Lady Bitterwalleteers – would YOU go to one of these parties, and what would your price be? Maybe you’d be willing to accept payment in kind if your sugar daddy isn’t cash-rich. Why not degrade yourself and women everywhere by telling us just how desperate you are in the box below. Cheers.



  • Cherri
    I would go to one of these. Why not? Times are hard and you might meet someone you like there. If they are rich and prepared to support you all the better. At least the guys know what they are getting at the beginning. If it's just the case of company for one night, I dont see a problem with that either. Better than working in a call centre innit?
  • Di
    Well the way I look at it is this: If you go there without prejudice, it's just as likely to meet someone you like as it is in a regular club. So if it's someone you like and he pampers you during your relationship, why not? You can bash them by saying they're looking for fit 20 something year olds, but can you blame them? Why would they actively be looking for unattractive older women? I'd go for it for sure.
  • Jo
    Why is this tagged "prostitution"?
  • captain c.
    Of course they are not prostitutes; prostitutes are far more honest than a bunch of good diggers. Besides, if the guys really had the money, they would be off to Russia or SE Asia to find some real HONEST honeys ( I am writing this from China, where I am living with my new, sexy, young Chinese bride).
  • yak
    why wait till the night, you could stand at your window and wait for the men to come to you, to avoid any confusion you could live in a certain area of the town, with other women who want the same… works for me
  • Dick
    Do they actually check wealth, or do you just have to wear a suit, be able to tie a tie, pay to get in, buy them a glass of two of champagne, then pork them?
  • Steve
    Why is it tagged "prostitution" Jo asks. Well, if it looks, like a duck and walks like a duck . . .chances are . . .
  • Businessman
    Of course this overlooks the fact that we have had this for years already. Just hang around any university, there are many cute girls who don't want to finance their studies by working in mcdees.
  • sdp
    I find it interesting that the first three comments on this article are all written by 'women' who have probably never commented on this site before, and are all in support of these parties. Suspect the organisers are running some propaganda. I would've thought most women would brand these events as nasty gold digging. ... All you'll find at an event such as this is a bunch of shallow bimbos and perhaps the odd bit of herpes. But still, if I had a boat load of money I'd be there like a shot :).
  • D S.
    I don't need no money or nuffink. I just love it up me. I'd do those ol' fellas for nowt like.
  • Sawyer
    Why does the guy need to be rich? I'm skint as hell, but that didn't stop me suggesting to a woman at work that she move into my one-bed apartment with me for the mutual benefit of reducing our outgoings. So far she's not biting, but once she sits down with a calculator and works out the long-term savings I'm sure she'll come round.
  • willy e.
    I was watching this on an american news channel. God! some of females are swampdonkeys which made me think..............who's paying who to f***
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