Are Sony ready to enter the netbook market?

Sony don't do cheap - their name affords them a sufficiently inflated price tag, and always has. So what are the odds that they're about to jump on the current budget netbook bandwagon? Slim-to-none we'd say, but folk on the other side of the world are getting very excited about the company's latest email marketing.

Sony's Japanese website is currently showing a video for a "new VAIO mobile" due to launch soon:

The dimensions of the product aren't a million miles away from Sony's C1VN Picturebook, a small yet perfectly formed netbook-style laptop first available around eight years ago (and also the same laptop a Nigerian scammer nearly tricked me out of in 2005, continuity fans).

As The Register speculates, it's more likely that the new product is a revamped souped-up Picturebook than a genuine entry into the netbook market; nobody can envisage Sony putting a budget price tag on any kit wearing the VAIO badge. If the model is the height of a seven year-old, it's possible that within the package is a new PSP-style handset. We'll wait and see.

[Register Hardware]


  • andy y.
    That's one big sanitary towel
  • Darren
    depends what you call Budget, not that I would ever own something with the words Microsoft and PC attached but on DABS.COM you can buy a Sony Vaio with 2gb of memory, 250GB Hard Drive for £450.
  • ad
    lets face it they will price themselfs at the top of the market so its nothing new really , just opening up markets , to me its just more shit for the misses to ram into her purse
  • The B.
    [...] We told you last month how Sony were threatening to enter the current netbook bunfight with some sleek looking hangbag-sized package (or as regular Bitterwallet reader Andy of Yarm commented: “That’s one big sanitary towel”:) [...]

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