Are Sony about to announce a PS3 price cut?

Playstation-Buttons-300x187We did warn you in June that Sony will probably announce a price cut for their PS3 in August and if the initial indications are anything to go by then tonight might be the night.

Amazon (Sony) were today selling a PS3 Slim 320GB model for just £215.20 with a Move Starter Pack or unTWISTED 2 thrown in for free (special thanks to HUKD member shadow1 for spotting this).

Is this a sign that they are pre-empting their announcement by raising awareness before hitting us with the official announcement? Time will tell later.

Now seems to be a good time if you are in the market for a brand new console. Nintendo chopped a whopping third off the prices of a 3DS console and our Japanese friends went wild for it - 207,000 consoles were shifted in a week.

We will be keeping our eyes peeled for any official announcement from Sony.

**UPDATE** - Sony has confirmed a PS3 price drop to £199.99.  However, expect retailers to engage in a price war which could see this drop even further.

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  • squirrely p.
    It's been dropped to £199 apparently

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