Are homeless people the future of mobile internet access?

Okay, earlier on we brought you a story about O2 bringing free Wi-fi to 1,600 UK pubs, but it seems like the Americans are already one step ahead of us – they’ve pioneered the Homeless Hotspot.

At the South by Southwest shindig in the US of America, you can get access to 4G internet via a local homeless type, in return for a small amount of cash. All you need to do is then sit within their broadcast range and suck hard on the mobile data that they’re emitting from some kind of data-transmitting device that they have about their person.

If you’re in the area, the Homeless Hotspots can be spotted as they’re all wearing distinctive T-shirts. In case you hadn’t figured it out yet, the whole thing is the brainchild of an advertising agency, BBH. They’re probably saying it’s to raise awareness or something. Here's one of the Hotspots, explaining how it works...


  • spencer
    Wow. just wow... That sounds like a really good way to get some kind of cancer... Just out of curiosity... Presumably the homeless hotspot gets to keep some of his/her money in return for the inevitable tumors that come with being a mobile hotspot...? If so... and hear me out on this... what would the advantage and benefits be as opposed to say... a static mast? Aside from homeless folk getting fried 24/7... why not just set up a static mast and give a proportion of the proceeds to homeless people? that way they still get money, people dont have to sit within 10ft of a tramp at all times... and the homeless types dont have to kill themselves with radiation poisoning?
  • Bob B.
    Is it April 1st already?
  • Sicknote
    Homeless people being exploited by business to give out I right, is that what I watching here...?
  • Killer B.
    Now I have even more reason to kill. I can upload my homeless man torture videos while I am actually gutting them and leave not trace. Thank you Jesus! Can you install this on Asian prostitutes next.
  • Frank P.
    Would it not be a better idea to supply these homeless people with small cages containing foxes and if your out and about and spot one of them it would much easier to bum them when your away from home.
  • Frank P.
    In case of any misunderstanding I meant bum the homeless person while the caged fox watches.
  • Boris
    You sick bastard Frank. The poor fox would be so frustrated.
  • Dogturd A.
    @ Boris. The fox would be frustrated that it wasn't being bummed? I have been scouring youtube to find a video of your pelvic thrust method, from the Xbox-with-no-disc article, without any luck. I hadn't realised fox porn was so popular. Still, with all those fox hunters at Downton fucking Abbey, I'm sure the foxes are used to getting shafted.
  • Mike H.
    Wasn't there something about paying hobos to beat the shit out of each other, videoing it and uploading it to youtube? Now you can do it instantly, with good reception! Or was that on CSI or summat?
  • D.sherman
    They were paid not only from people giving money for use, they also paid well above minimum wage to work no more than 3 or 6 hours during the day.. People should worry more about people dying in the street then worrying about giving them money for their next high...

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