Are cinemas looking to drop 3D prices and raise 2D prices to cover costs?

This is the kind of interesting thing people will shoot on their 3D cameras

If you’re the type of cinema-goer that is unimpressed by the 3D craze and chooses to save money by watching your favourite movies on the big screen in good old 2D, you could soon feel some actual 3D steam coming out of your ears. That’s because moves are afoot to raise the prices of 2D screenings and drop the price of the 3D equivalents, leading to a more standardised range of pricing.

It’s in the early stages of happening over in the USA, but you can be sure that it’ll magically float across ‘the pond’ before long, infecting our own cinemas and causing us to want to spew into our popcorn. Or something.

Writing in Screen Trade Magazine, Spotlight Theaters CEO Joe Paletta says that cinemas will soon eliminate the premium charges on 3D movies and subsidise the potential loss by hiking up 2D screenings. It’s a nice way of trying to nudge consumers towards using the massively expensive 3D technology that they’ve all invested in.

Alternatively, you could just stay at home and play Pong. It’s your life.

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  • oliverreed
    Alternatively, you could just stay at home and download your warez.
  • Mike U.
    @ oliverreed My thoughts exactly ;)
  • Mike H.
    Either way, movies are overpriced shite, used to line the pockets of the wealthy and advertise products subversively. Twats!
  • Dick
    As above, increased prices at the cinema will just force more towards downloads.
  • Wonkey H.
    I have never been to the cinema, bought a video or DVD in my life. I have had a few bought for me but I refuse to give these so-called "artists" any of my money. There is the TV for watching and that is as far as I take it. I know of people who spend £140-£150 per month on such entertainment – quite frankly they are such sad people. My money is for ME and not for others to live like lords on it.
  • Richard
    I have a Cineworld unlimited card which i pay £14.99 a month for unlimited movies so a 2d price rise would make absolutely no difference to me whereas removing 3d surcharges would benefit me. Therefore, bring it on!
  • bushbrother
    3D is an over hyped gimmick, if its no longer pulling in the masses then suck it up cinema bosses, you made a bad investment. Trying to force this upon your punters will drive more to "alternate" methods of watching movies ... your prices are already obscene. I have watched a few 3D movies and they either made me regret paying the extra for a few small moments of "oooooo" or made me have a migraine for the rest of the evening ... great.
  • @ R.
    Don't you think that Cineworld will raise the cost of the Unlimited Card?
  • Phil
    Right... So put up the cost of 2D will make more people spend more cash???? I'd love to know where these people learnt business from - Presumably I can have a business degree from the same place for typing a sentence.
  • haggis
    Most likely the cost of 3d films will fall buy literally pennies (this will also be temporary) and the cost of 2d films will rise by at least £2. So everything will be more expensive for everyone.
  • Phil76
    @ Richard It's in the terms of the Cineworld card that you can instantly cancel the agreement if they choose to raise the monthly charge. I'm happy paying £14.99 a month but won't pay any more than that.
  • Jeremy M.
    Not surprisingly this is happening as the movie downloading sites are starting to get shut down. Obviously they see that the download market is getting limited and may force some people back to theaters. I think they are only mentioning 3D movies in the price hike as a means of justification without stating the actual reasoning.
  • Richard
    @ @ Richard I don't see them putting up the price anytime soon as they've only recently put it up from £13.49 a month. I also think that doing this is a great incentive for people to sign up to the card and that's what cineworld wants. Think about it. They get most of their profits from confectionery and if you have the card you go to see far more films because there's no marginal cost to seeing them. Therefore you spend more on confectionery and they make more profits.
  • AshCyber
    For family of 4 and single bread earner, it's not feasible anymore to go to cinema. LoveFilm or Netflix is better option.
  • Jenz
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