Are Amazon getting ready to open actual stores?

amazon shop

They’ve built their success on being invisible, with contact only permitted via a mysterious website, but now Amazon are said to be pondering the idea of opening an actual bricks-and-mortar store, one that humans will be allowed to go into, enabling them to look at and touch stuff. It seems improbable but it could definitely be happening.

‘Sources close to the situation’ say that a pilot Amazon retail store will open in Seattle in the next few months. Rather than being a mahoosive affair, it’ll be more of a ‘boutique’ type of shop, emphasising the sale of Amazon Exclusive books and of course their Kindle e-readers and Kindle Fire tablets, along with accessories for the aforementioned hardware.

As it’s only a pilot and is based halfway around the world, we’re a long way off from seeing Amazon stores in the UK but if it proves to be beneficial for them, there’s little doubt that they’ll spread across the known globe like a rash. We might even see a collection point service, where you’ll be able to pick up items that you’ve ordered online at your leisure.

Sort of like a really slow-moving Argos.


  • Mike H.
    Now, if they open an amazon shop, IN the Amazon, selling kindles and copies of Ray Mears' Survival books to indigenous tribes, I can see it being a great little money spinner.
  • Mary H.
    Amazon... and you're done-for.
  • Dick
    Sounds like a shit idea. Amazon are popular because they are cheap and cover a wide range of items. Have a shop an they will have more overheads and a very limited range.
  • Liam
    How about they offer a free collections service for all your parcels. Stay open late so punters can pick up their goods on the way home. They would blow the competition out of the water with this.
  • spyro
    They do offer a collection service ! They installed lockers in shopping centres ( in the UK ) that you can have your stuff delivered to.
  • Dick
    The amazon lockers are hardly widespread. If you look where they are the list is something like London, London, London, London, London, London, London, London, London, London, Watford, London, London, London, London, London, London.
  • Sawyer
    I actually live in London (unfortunately) but couldn't find the option to select delivery to one of these magic lockers. Or even the location of them. And hasn't this been coming for years? I'm sure there was talk of them buying some of the Borders stores before they closed down.
  • oliverreed
    That's my local Argos you shits

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