AQA the top dogs of texting Brits with knowledge

BBC’s Watchdog may feature the smug, scarcely bearable face and voice of Nicky Campbell, but it’s the king of popular consumer telly. Of course, one day there’ll be a Bitterwallet TV show and Watchdog will be toast, but until then, grudging respect is due.

Anyway, in a complicated series of tests that the Watchdog gang have carried out, they have decided that Britain’s best text answer service is AQA 63336. In case you’re not familiar with the concept, if you have a unanswered question that’s troubling you, text it to 63336 (or one of its rivals such as Texperts or 118118) and within minutes, you should receive an accurate answer to your pesky question.

AQA scored an impressive 92.5% from 20 questions posed by Watchdog, queries as diverse as “In 1998, Which country became the first in the world to issue a synthetic bank note rather than paper?” and “What show did Jodie Prenger make her debut in?” Jodie who now?

We thought we’d try them out and texted AQA the question “What is the best text answer service in the UK?” Quick as a flash, they got back to us with the answer “AQA is the best UK text answer service.”

Smart arses. Let’s see how clever they are next time we’ve lost our car keys.

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  • Mike H.
    Has anyone texted to ask for Pi to the nearest 32 Million decimal places? Surely it's just some dude at the other end sitting infront of a laptop innit? Maybe we should ask them, do you get your answers from Google?
  • acecatcher3
    unrelated but the male policeman on crimewatch looks pretty built.
  • Mike H.
    ace, I bet you would like to be abused with his trunchteon would not you?
  • blackgerbil1
    do you have pics ace, mabye he did a cycle fo Dbol or some other form of steroid?
  • acecatcher3
    hmm ill look.
  • acecatcher3
    wow i cant believe how gay i must have looked when this pic came up on my screen at work loool! but ye he defo does weights.
  • Kris
    I like the tiny caption on the pic in the bottm right hand corner "smell my pits"!
  • blackgerbil1
    yeah hes juicing on the juice.
  • Johnny F.
    "Of course, one day there’ll be a Bitterwallet TV show and Watchdog will be toast" I don't know if CBeebies has an opening at the moment.
  • Andy D.
    @Johnny Fyfe - who do you think it was who started that campaign against the one-armed presenter???
  • Johnny F.
    She's lovely. I fantasise about the fun we could have with her stump.
  • Resa
    kind of liked this article ;) not all of it - there was a number of points that i found a lttle bit off but altogether it was a nice read, thank you for the article! :P Sincerely, Resa

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