In the shops now! - Apple's lesbian blunder and sale FAIL

The Bitterwallet team were as happy as wanking chimps this morning - iTunes has a sale on! So what if it's more expensive than anywhere else, it's Apple, innit. Have a look! Choose from 99 albums for under £5!

Bitterwallet - Albums under £5 from iTunes!
Bargain! Sort of. At least until you realise, like avid Bitterwallet reader David, that a third of them are all over £5:

Bitterwallet - albums under £5 on iTunes! Except they're not at all.

If this isn't incontrovertible proof that Apple are too busy preparing to launch a tablet device next month, then frankly we don't know what is. And while we're with the iTunes Store, you might have been downloading the freebies from Apple's 12 Days Of Christmas promotion. You might expect the offerings to be at least family friendly - after all, it's reasonable to assume plenty of kids received an iPod for Christmas. We're fairly sure Apple had several thousand options for downloading, but instead they've plumped for:

Bitterwallet - 12 Days FAIL for Apple

Lesbian Vampire Killers, rated 15. Explain that one away to your 10-year-old daughter later today. Spotted any digit dyslexia or marketing mishaps for yourself? Send them to [email protected]


  • Spark
    I'm hoping that Apple did this on purpose, a few days ago the gift was an Alan Partridge Christmas special and the gift today almost makes up for the JLS and Robbie Williams shite they have put on there in the last two days. iPhones and iPod touches aren't for kids anyway and nobody under the age of 15 should own either device, especially not the former. These promo gifts go some way to suggesting that Apple are targeting an older audience with their products and the fact that some kids have them are more to do with the general idiocy of their parents and the sad truth that most of the pre-teens in this country are spoilt little bastards.
  • SJT
    Thanks for the heads up - downloaded... I was never going to pay to watch this, but as it's free.....
  • Paul S.
    Spark - out of curiosity, why shouldn't children have iPods for Christmas? It not just Touches that can download video.
  • Ken D.
    Kids can't have an ipod? In my own experience, two-thirds of ipods are sold to/for children. Apple can target whichever demographic that they want, the facts are "Da kids are down wid apple, innit brah. BRRAP!"
  • Kevin
    If you look at the comments on Facebook under Itunes fan page you'll see how pissed off people are at the pathetically weak freebies. Mainly people saying x is shit and the other half saying stop moaning it's free. Funny choice but something I am more happy with compared to the others.
  • Johnnie M.
    imho, apple's latest 12 days of... promotion is actually quite good. In comparison to the Xbox Live run up to the new year campaign which, truly was awful.
  • Fiyero
    Why should the promotion be child friendly? The iTunes store in general isn't. Most children surely wouldn't have an iTunes store account so couldn't use the promotion anyway.

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