Apple's legal attack dogs devour humble Polish grocery site

applesvsaps As Apple boffins stand on the brink of unleashing the new iPhone on the trembling population of the known world, elsewhere, the tech giant’s legal team are quietly righting wrongs wherever they may occur.

No, it’s not Samsung this time, but a Polish online grocery called - oh yes. The Polish patent office has received a complaint from Apple, claiming that the grocery company has nicked its logo and is trading on its good name.

A spokesman for the patent office said: “Apple brand is widely recognised and the company says that, by using the name that sounds similar, is using Apple's reputation.”

It’s an easy mistake to make. Well done Apple – keep fighting the fight.



  • Steve O.
    Clearly the cunts just want to get the domain name once they've crippled the poor Poles in court.
  • boooooooo
    what c****s, really looks like they are just out to take legal action against every tom dick and harry. how is that logo anything to do with apples own brand. oh wait that's right they own the word apple, any reference to anything remotely sounding like apple. Really are you that low in funds apple :-( sad , sad the price you charge your consumer is a joke you don't need the extra revenue. greed will be your downfall lol
  • PaulS
    It should get kicked out by a decent judge, I remember a similar case where Microsoft tried to sue a Mr Mike Rowe for his domain. Judgement being you can't copyright/patent phonetic sounds.
  • Nicodemus J.
    It should be kicked out by a judge, but the question is can afford to dispute it and therefore even bring it before a judge? I hope so, but I suspect it will be settled.
  • boing
    So Apple fans are dumb enough to scour a polish grocery site for iphones if they type in the wrong address? Is that what Apple is trying to say?
  • Shaniaa
    according to a random polish whois website I found, was registered in 1999 so why is it only now that Apple feel's that they are infringing upon their name. I think the lawyer's are just out for more successful cases to try and justify their expenses.
  • captain c.
    I dont see how they can win, the company name is "a" - the .pl is the country code for Poland; "a" can hardly be copyrighted. I think Samsung should register every version of an "i" name they can think of, that Apple dont already have (starting with "iTWAT"). I would do it myself, but I already have a life.
  • Spencer
    it all started going wrong with those Chinese Iphone gas stoves..... that's never left them.... the backlash is coming. with each successive launch... more and more fanboi's are realizing what apple are actually doing.... anyone know when the Iphone gas stove 2 is coming out?
  • Dick
    Magner's do Magner's Cider and Magner's Pear Cider. No doubt they were sued by Apple and so couldn't call it Magner's Apple Cider. Every though Pear Cider should be called Perry. Like Babycham still do.

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