Apple's 'iWatch' rumours grow

We've written about Apple's 'iWatch' before, and it seems that the rumours of its existence are growing increasingly noisy.

Of course, many have already been using their iPod Nano devices as watches, with specially made watch-straps, but this new 'iWatch' should be rather different, using something called 'Willow Glass', which is flexible and will allow for a curved touchscreen.

The New York Times has reported that this new gadget will allow users to make mobile payments, access messages, use map apps and run on iOS. Other rumours have talked about the phone being navigated by Siri and new efficient hardware to ensure that this smartwatch won't need to be recharged as often as phones or tablets.

However, as usual, Apple and Foxconn are keeping quiet on the whole thing.

Meanwhile, over at rivals Google, Google Glass - the augmented reality glasses - are already in public testing. It looks like smart accessories are the next step for the tech giants... how long before we get iScads?



  • bashy
    This wouldn't happen on Steve's 'Watch'
  • Tweedskin
    And I thought digital watches were a good idea....
  • Darren
  • Craig
    Seems like a bit of desperation here.
  • noshit
    Can't beat my old casio bomb makers watch.
  • Smirnoff
    Only time will tell....
  • Andrew
    Foxconn employees will be ticked off about all the production overtime they'll have to do for this. Can we give them a hand?
  • Inspector G.
    Queues are forming outside Apple stores as we speak.
  • LancerVancer
    How much will this piece of iShite cost? I say 500 quid or 700 if you want the "proper" version. Toke da weed.
  • Sicknote
    I so fucking want one of these; then I can leave my Yatch Master at home and look like a complete ball in the mouth, hard fuck in the arse without lube typical Apple customer.
  • Bobby E.
    @ Sicknote A 'Yatch' Master? that must be one of those Chinese knock offs. Thought so.
  • Sicknote
    @Bobby Ewing Chinese, FUCK's got to be Moroccan market stall or it's shit in my opinion.

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