Apple's iconic white headphones - now available in XL

You know us. We like Macs, full stop.  What's your problem with that? Everyone knows they're brilliant, don't they? So when we see some trumped-up gimmicky speakers styled on the most uncomfortable headphones ever manufactured, look us in the yes and see - we don't care.

Fortunately, somebody has realised that Apple's white headphones are as practical to put in your ears as your elbow, and decided a far better use of their aesthetics is to super-size them and turn them into desk speakers. They're powered by three triple-A batteries so don't expect to be transported to the Royal Albert Hall by the sound quality. But they look good, right? And ultimately, isn't what really matters? Of course it is.

[] via [] thanks to reader Darren for the tip!


  • Brad
    If they are anything like the supplied earphones to go by, they will sound shit and youll buy some decent speakers.
  • MIKE C.
  • OFI
    These have been around for AGES
  • -=Mike H.
    Cool, it's the new, iPod "Fuck all" smaller than a nano and 1/3 the size of your fuckin*g headphones, shweeeeeeeeet.

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