Apple to whack prices up on the App Store

apple pay Apple will be sticking the prices up on all the apps in the App Store. They told developers that "prices on the App Store will increase for all territories in the European Union as well as in Canada and Norway, decrease in Iceland, and change in Russia. These changes are being made to account for adjustments in value-added tax (VAT) rates and foreign exchange rates."

So, good news if you live in Iceland. Rubbish news for everyone else. The price increase will happen "within the next 36 hours".

What this means is that developers don’t have the option to pick the price they want for Apps. Now, they'll be given a series of tiers to choose from.

Prices could increase further, with a bigger discrepancy between European and American prices, which is annoying. If you're really eager to save some pennies, then those apps you've been weighing-up - buy them now.

The price increases won't be huge (a couple of pence here and there), but there's sure to be some grievances being aired as one country gets exactly the same thing than another.

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