Apple: Sneaky gits who apologise in secret and aren't keen on tax

rotten appleApple aren't like those other nasty companies. They have an ethos and smooth curves and nothing at all to do with lousy maps, suicidal Chinese factory workers, a repulsion to tax and seemingly constant legal action.

What's this about tax? Well, it turns out Apple have paid less than 2% corporation tax on its profits outside America, just like Facebook and Starbucks. The latter caused huge amounts of outrage, but Apple will probably swerve it because they've got Genius Bars rather than shops. It makes all the difference.

It is probably worth pointing out that Apple aren't actually doing anything illegal, but that hasn't stopped people getting worked up in the past.

We shouldn't expect an apology either, because Apple really aren't keen on those.

When the company was ordered by a UK court to publicly display a notice that Samsung didn't copy the iPad with their Galaxy tablet, they hid it. So sneaky are Apple, that they put their muttered 'sorry' at the foot of a page and that, when you scroll down to read it, the image of an iPad automatically resizes so that the text to always appears below the fold. See for yourself.

The code works out how tall your browser is and makes sure you don't see the apology when you land on Apple's homepage.



  • SeychellesTaxOfficial
    Mof, Quick couple of questions if you don't mind. 1) Who is your employer? 2) Where are they based? 3) Allegedly they have paid less tax %wise than Apple, do you intend to review? 4) How much tax have you paid on your BW earnings. Tricky questions will follow later.
  • Cynic
    Don't worry - it's all good. They pay iTax instead. Kudos to Apple on making an advert that works on your computer, though. The apology's clear to see for me (using Chrome)...
  • Mustapha S.
    This REALLY fucking winds me up. Not the fact they pay 2% - fair play to them, but the fact all these fucking twats keep reporting it as if its illegal, that they love to touch children and drink Tizer. I hate Apple as much as anyone, but as a director trying to make a profit with the UKs ridiculous tax laws (way too easy to phoenix) I don't blame them at all. If see a TV in Dixons for £1000, and the same TV on Amazon for £50, I'll buy it from Amazon. Another fucking non story, well done BW.
  • callum
    No-one has reported it "as if it's illegal" - in fact, every report I've read on the matter specifically says "this is not illegal"...
  • Gabriella
    What's so special about Apple the PC's, the tablets or even the iphone. They are rubbish. Samsung Galaxy is just as good as are the PC's. I wwould never buy Apple again partly because it's made in China so not that prestige a product and I have had so many faults on my iphone I just think what cxap. Secondly, I hate firms that don't pay corporate taxes. Samsung are better.
  • Tricky Q.
    First post intrigued. Fair to say after a quick google of malta/seychelles/tipping canoe ltd/dry timber ltd ive learnt more about HUKD and parent companies than 4 years of membership. Pot. Kettle?
  • mikeypop
    Oh look, a pointless Apple-bashing post! Whatever next? An unfunny out-of-date repost nicked from some other site?
  • Mustapha S.
    Secondly, I hate firms that don’t pay corporate taxes. They are though, you silly prick.
  • foxes
    I don't get why everyone's so bothered about companies paying tax. All the Government does s gives it to the banks anyway. Money down the drain.

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