Apple sells 1 million iPhone 3GS handsets on its first weekend

Just saying, like.



  • Geoff J.
  • Pure-Klenz
  • > H.
    And they all own Audi's/BMW's, WANK_RS!
  • Tom P.
    My friend got one, and he allowed me to hold it for 5mins...HOT
  • Dan
    i don't have an Audi or BMW :-( i DO have an iPhone...
  • BadBadger
    Dan, you are a bona fide legend mate.
  • Carlos J.
    Next step world domination and the obliteration of Microsoft Fanboys Meeeeehawwwwwhawwwww
  • Mac D.
    I don't even own a car - but as work pays for my upgarde and I can sell my 3G for £296 unlocked. I'd be a mug not too - nice phone too.
  • Mac D.
    they also pay for my upgrade too!! :-)
  • Pure-Klenz
    @ Tom - did you pop 10 boners while holding it...
  • Scooby P.
    I've got an iphone, but no wife or girlfriend. My cock stinks real bad too.......
  • CommonSense
    A fool and their money are soon parted.
  • Tom P.
    "A fool and their money are soon parted" WHY does some prat ALWAYS have to write that in an iPhone thread?
  • > H.
    "i don’t have an Audi or BMW :-(" But you aspire to own one though don't ya Dan?
  • Tom P.
    If anyone is after an UNLOCKED iPhone 3G S 32GB, there's a deal been posted on HUKD
  • Tom P.
    Direct link to PLAY site
  • goon
    1 million apple cocksuckers eh. anyone with an iphone is instanly a no life boring douchebag
  • James R.
    ...boring......fucking boring.........NEXT

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