Apple offer worldwide recycling

apple logo Apple are giving you the chance to throw expensive Apple gadgets in the recycling bin, worldwide. In some countries, they're even allowing you to throw non-Apple products in the recycling too.

It seems they want to take some environmental responsibility and, over at their website, they've said that Apple retail stores will take back Apple products for “free, responsible recycling.”

The announcement offers gift cards if the unwanted product is reusable. Of course, you'll be able to buy more Apple products with your gift card. If the product you hand in is nothing but unusable junk, Apple have kindly said that they won't charge you to recycle it.

You might see parts of it being used in the next phone you buy from them, presumably.

That said, Apple will be stopping more than 421 million pounds of equipment going to landfills with this program.

“We believe we must be accountable for every Apple product at every stage of its use,” writes Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president of environmental initiatives.

If you want to find out more and watch a video about it all, click here.


  • Coran
    I believe this is mandatory WEEE regulation stuff, and nothing to do with Apples policy. By law, if you sell electronics, you must recycle them too. So this is actually a non-story, and does not give Apple any credit nor is it "kindly" of them. The gift card thing is something new, but I'll bet it's a tiny fraction of it's resale value.
  • jokester4
    This is a fantastic opportunity for Apple users to get rid of those outdated backwards devices that don't support modern technologies such as Bluetooth, Video Calling, NFC, etc. Also, if these users move onto another platform, they will be able to type Wi-Fi passwords without needing to take a week off work to type it on that god-awful keyboard!!!
  • Coran
    Let's also not forget the mountains of bespoke adapters/docks for various Apple products filling up landfills unnecessarily.
  • shakesheadsadly
    We already have free recycling for old unwanted junk. It's called ebay.

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